A poem of Hafeez

I came across this beautiful poem which uses some of the enduring icons of mythology and religion- Muslim, Christian, Jewish and Magian. I will not say more about it, to give you the pleasure of reading it on your own without any hints.

Hafeez is a remarkable poet, no doubt and for me, the pleasure was more in reading it in the original language.  For those unfortunate not to understand the language I append a rather free-wheeling, whimsical translation.

Sal ha del talab-e Jaam-e-Jam az ma mikard
Va an che khod dast, ze bigane tamanna mikard

Gohar-i ke az sadaf-e kaun-o-makaan birun ast
Talab az gomshodegan-e lab-e darya mikard

Moskel-e khis bar-e Pir-e Moqan bordam, dus
Ku be-ta’yid-e nazar, hal-e mo’amma mikard

Didam as, khorram-o khandan qadah-e bade be-dast
V-andar an ayene, sad gune, tamasha mikard

Goftam: In Jaam-e Jahan-bin, be-to key dad Hakim?
Goft: An ruz-ke in gombad-e mina mikard….

Be-dili, dar-hame ahval, Khoda ba-u bad
U nemidid-as-o, az dur, Khodara mikard

In hame sobade-ye khis, ke mikard inja
Sameri, pis-e asa-o yad-e-beyza mikard

Goft: An yar, ke az-u gasht sar-e dar buland
Jorm-as in bud ke asrar, hoveyda mikard

Faiz-e Ruh-ul-Qudos, ar baz madad farmayad
Digaran-ham bu-konand an che Masiha mikard

Goftam-as: ‘Selsele-ye zulf-e Botan az-pe chi ast
Goft: Hafez, gele-i az-del-e seyda mikard…..

a translation……

For years my heart was in search for Jamshed’s cup (Jaam-e-Jam)
Searching and asking strangers for what was inside me

That pearl that transcends the bounds of time and place
That pearl my heart was seeking from those lost on the ocean’s shore

Late last night I took my query to the elder Mage take
To solve the riddle, for his sight was from god’s direction

I found him in great laughter and joy with the cup in hand
The cup, from which within, reflected a hundred mysteries

I asked: “When did the Sage give you this cup?”
Said he: “On the day He put up the roof of this world!”

Even the unbeliever had the support of God
Though he could not see, God’s name would always hail.

in contrast to Sorcery, let Wisdom conjure here
Yet the Golden Calf beside Moses’ rod would just pale.

Remember the friend, the one put on the cross by his race
Gave up his life for the crime of God’s secrets he did unveil

If the Holy Spirit shall this gift of miracles do confer
Then others may, like the Messiah, the dead revive

What purpose serves this chain of braids, ask I the elder Mage
Says he: A complaint, Hafeez is it for searching, a heart full of frenzy


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