Changing manners and values

It is the inalienable right of an older generation to inveigh against the times they live in, especially when the mores and values they identified with, cherished or sought to emulate have declined and the current generation does not

As I happen to be an anaomolyin this dishnourable age , being well suited to progress onto being ending up an anachronism and dying an abuse. In other words, a relic of the epoch of Franz Josef II at least – as my poetry preceptor and conscience keeper puts it not voicing the wish that I’d return there somehow- I will utilise the right that gives me to issue my own ukase on the issue.

I also take this opportunity to clarrify that since it is beyond my capability to issue sweeping generalisations taking a broad view, I will basically confine my observations to those I have come in contact with – for good or worse. As a mark of the manners I chose to champion, I shall do refrain from naming them. For one, it is my opinion and I could err and more then that, it does seem to me that they may even exult in the comparison. That is certainly something I would abhor greatly.

To be continued soon


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