Whimsical Post #1

I intend to write about some close friends of mine.  However, I do not propose to use their names due to some concerns about security (mine chiefly as some of them have a history of being violent). It is also an ancient truism of mine that Men Of Discernment And Wisdom Do Avoid Antagonising People Of Temperament Likely To Cause Them Harm.

However, with the sort of serendipity that frequently attends to me and my own overwhelming intellect (not to mention my marked modesty), I have contrived the following subterfuge. The names I will use are drawn from an old story-telling tradition. They are:

Mahrukh Magic-Eye
Mahjabeen Diamond-Robe
Almas Fairy-Face
Malika Heyrat 
Bahar Spring-Quarter
Sarsar Swordfighter
Saba Raftar
Sanobar Snare-Roper
Tez Nigah Dagger-Fighter

I think that should suffice. I basically needed four or five, but found some more and I guess they should come in helpful some time or the other. In the words of JC…..Alea Jacta Est




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