A lament on the indifference and hostility to Urdu

This is a topic on which a lot has been said, a lot can be said and a lot will continue to be said. I will here just confine myself to reproduce theis elegant and eloquent lament I read years ago in the Annual of Urdu Studies. I suddenly recalled it and thought it needs to be shared. It speaks well for itself.  The unpublished poet is Rashid Banarsi.

Jabeen-e-waqt par kaisi shikan hai ham nahi samjhe
Koi kyunkar harif-e ilm-o-fan hai ham nahi samjhe

Kisi bhi shama se bezar kyun ho koi parvana
Yeh kya is daur ka deewanapan hain ham nahi samjhe

Bahot samjhe the ham is daur ki firqa parasti ko
Zuban bhi aaj sheikh-o-brahman hain ham nahi samjhe

Agar Urdu pe bhi ilzaam hain bahar se aana ka
To phir Hindustan kiska watan hai ham nahi samjhe

Chaman ka husn to har rang ke phoolon se hain ‘Rashid’
Koi bhi phool kyun nang-e-chaman hai ham nahi samjhe


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