Dabistan-e-Lakhnau ke kuch namoone #1: Aziz Lakhnavi

One of the prime purposes for this venture was to popularise some leading lights of ‘Dabistan-e-Lakhnau’  or the Lucknow School of Poetry and do I begin this noble endeavour immediately. Of course, I didnt need to make any justification but if one recalls the US Declaration of Independence …  a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them….

I had intially thought of featuring two to three poets per post but on second thoughts, I thought it would be rather overwhelming for the reader and not fair to the poet, so just one per post.

I begin with Mirza Muhammad Hadi Aziz Lakhnavi.

Bataun kya ke mere dil mein kya hai
Siwa tere teri mehfil mein kya hai

Yahan bhi tujh ko tanha mein na paya
Tu hi to hai bhari mehfil mein kya hai

Kisi ke bujhte dil ki hai nishaani
Chiragh sarhad-e-manzil mein kya hai

Bujuz naqsh-e-pashemani-e-qaatil
Nigah-hasrat-e-bismil mein kya hai

Jafaon ki bhi had hoti hai koi
Khuda maalum uske dil mein kya hai

Maal-e-hasti-e mauhum maalum
‘Aziz’ is shaghl-e-la haasil mein kya hai



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