Whimsical Post #2

I spent a long time troubled over various things in the recent past. I had no objection to what was going on though it was scarcely beneficial but my main grouse was that I did not understand it.

Then as it happens, an ancient memory came back and the admirable Dean Swift again came to my aid. He had once observed:

Is jahan mein ek danishmand aksar naazil hota hain
Uski ek yehi sirf pehchan hai
Ke saare ke saare ahmaq aur ablah uske khilaf
Ittehad mein jamma hai.

Well, I am entitled to some poetic licence no doubt. What he had said was:

Many a true genius doth appear in the world,
You may know him by this one sign,
That the dunces are all in confederacy against him.

Consider this well, mon ami.


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