Dabistan-e-Lakhnau ke kuch namoone #7: Majaz Lakhnavi

Asrar ul-Haq Majaz Lakhnavi is a frequent presence in this endeavour. He occupies a stellar position in the constellation of Urdu poetry due to his abundant talent, his rich vocabulary and imagery, a rhythmic cadence and so many of the attributes that are the hallmark of a great poet. His death at a tragically young age was a great loss. This ghazal of Majaz not only demonstrates his virtuosity but is also a perfect example of the Lucknow school – in its ornate language (which never turns cumbersome or pompous),  the delicate emotions it shows – or in other words, woh nazakat aur nafasat jo Lakhnavi tehzeeb mein payi jaati hain. Some may also note that the fourth sher and the maqta of this incomparable work can be heard in Guru Dutt’s immortal Pyaasa. Those who have heard it there can relish the full ghazal here. Lutf uthayen…….

Taskeen-e-dil-e-mahzu na hui vo sai-e-karam farmaa bhi gaye
Us sai-e-karam ka kya kahiye bahla bhi gaye tadpaa bhi gaye

Ham arz-e-wafa bhi kar na sake kuch kah na sake kuch sun na sake
Yahan ham ne zaban hi kholi thi wahan aankh jhuki sharma bhi gaye

Aashuftagi-e-wahshat ki kasam hairat ki qasam hasrat ki qasam
Ab aap kahe kuch ya na kahe ham raaz-e-tabassum pa bhi gaye

Roodaad-e-gam-e-ulfat un se ham kya kahte kyunkar kahte
Ek harf na nikla hothon se aur aankh mein aansu aa bhi gaye

Arbaab-e-junoon pe furkat mein ab kya kahiye kya kya guzra
Aaye the savaad-e-ulfat mein kuch kho bhi gaye kuch pa bhi gaye

Yeh rang-e-bahaar-e-aalam hai kya fikr hai tujh ko ae Saaqi
Mahfil to teri sooni na hui kuch uth bhi gaye kuch aa bhi gaye

Is mahafil-e-kaif-o-masti mein is anjuman-e-irfaani mein
Sab jaam-ba-kaf baithe hi rahe ham pi bhi gaye chalka bhi gaye


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