Aaj ke mausam par kuch khayal

Talking about the weather (or more usually complaining about it) is one of the hallmarks of a civilised man. And the ideal weather today (Thursday, Nov 12, 2009) gives me a further impetus to write about it. Since the time it was my fortune to wake up this morning – despite all attempts to forestall this happening as much as I could – I found the weather to be the sort I like the best outside – an overcast sky, a occassional but no less chilly wind and the promise of rain. The best was the absence of the sun, which was – for the past few days – shining with a certain insouciance which I not only found offensive but deliberately offensive.

I guess I have developed a temperamental antipathy to sunshine and what people, probably misguided, term “pleasant.” Give me torrential rains, sleet, snowstorms, hurricanes, tornados and so on – all which I seem to have developed a temperamental affinity for – anyday.  To my mind, the best account of what constitutes proper weather and atmosphere is this:

 “……I seek not gaiety nor mirth, not the bright voluptuousness of much sunshine and sparkling waters which please the young and gay. I am no longer young, and my heart, through weary years of mourning over the dead, is not attuned to mirth. Moreover, the walls of my castle are broken. The shadows are many, and the wind breathes cold through the broken battlements and casements. I love the shade and the shadow, and would be alone with my thoughts when I may.”

Now anyone who happens to identify the speaker of these immortal lines will get a special prize from me. But to return to my topic.

Well, I will not be selfish. It is possible that others may not see eye to eye with me insofar as the choice of climate and atmospheric phenomenon is concerned and since altruism is my nature, so I will, for now, settle for a light drizzle.

The merciful Big G saw it fit to grant the request and we have been having an intermittent one since the evening. Its only that I have been stuck in office – otherwise I would be out following my favourite pastime of walking – slouched in thought – through deserted neon-lit streets…. I guess my life has elements of a film-noir or one of the notable 1950s espionage films.

However I must mention that I was talking to The Ustaad and happend to praise the weather, and She termed me “crazy”. I am honoured beyond measure and will add this apellation bestowed on me to the ones given earlier. And quite soon I will write how I came to be known as the IS and the feline prone to making errors – to say the least.

I just hope this weather continues. Some snow would be nice but unfortunately geography militates against this attractive proposition. Hail, maybe? It would be an unforgettable Brigade Raising Day then.


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