Bekal Utsahi ki ek maqbool ghazal

Mohd Shafi Khan Bekal Utsahi is an institution in himself. For all those who attend mushairas or otherwise keep abreast with Urdu literature cannot miss that stately man, with a white diagonal channel running down the left side of his beard, as he recites, in his inimitable style, the most elaborate of thoughts couched in the most simple of language.  The ‘ganga-jamuni tehzeeb’ finds one of its best expressions in Bekal sahab’s works, especially his ‘geets’ as he freely uses a melange of Urdu, Hindi as well as Awadhi and Bhojpuri. His ghazals are extremely profound despite the simple style. Here is one of them.

This ws the first ghazal of Bekal Utsahi I ever heard. I think it was some mushairah other than the annual one in the Red Fort, and I was scribbling it down, but to my dissmay, missed the rest of the misra-e-saani of the matla apart from the first word.

There followed an agonising period as nowhere could I find the ghazal, no else had tried to note it or did remember it and efforts to fill it were futile. Thankfully, at the Republic Day mushaira, (held that year (2002) at the Talkatora stadium and coincidentally the last I attended), Bekal sahab was present. We managed to get a chit to him, asking him to recite the ghazal, and he obliged. I did’nt make any mistake this time.

However, there are two variations of this ghazal here. The first is the one I had noted down, and the second one was the one given in a kulliyat of Bekal Utsahi, which I had acquired recently. There are a few differences between the two – some words here and there  a changed misra or two – and you can choose whichever sounds better. It is possible that what he recited then was an early draft, and he subsequently made some amendments, which were reflected in the version given in his kulliyat.

Version #1

Jo mera hai woh tera bhi afsana hua to
Mahaul mohabbat ka begaana hua to

Tum qatl se bachne ka jatan karo ho
Qaatil ka jo lehza shareefana hua to

Nikle to ho sui haram zaade safar lekar
Raaste mein kahi sanamkhana hua to

Is ko bitha dete ho farzaanon ki saaf mein
Gustaakh agar koi deewana hua to

Kamzarf to itni mohabbat na pilao
Labrez zeesht ka paimana hua to

‘Bekal’ ne tujhe dushman-e-jaani bhi kaha hai
Yujh se bhi achanak yaraana hua to


Jo mera hai woh tera bhi afsana hua to
Mahaul ka andazah hi begaanah hua to

Tum qatl se bachne ka jatan khub karo ho
Qaatil ka agar lehja shareefana hua to

Saqi to mera jaam sada bharta raha hai
Khaali jo meri zeesht ka paimana hua to

Isko bhi baitha dete ho danaaon ki saaf mein
Gustaakh agar bazm mein deewana hua to

Kaabe ki ziyarat ka safar kar to rahe ho
Raaste mein kahin koi sanamkhana hua to

‘Bekal’ ne tujhe dushman-e-jaani hi to kaha hai
Tujhse jo achanak kahin yaarana hua to


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by imran on November 19, 2012 at 19:40

    حسن جلوہ نہیں عشق کا حاصل تنہا
    کتنے جلوئوں کو سمیٹے ہے مرا دل تنہا
    کارواں چھوٹ گیا رات کے سناٹے میں
    رہ گئی ساتھ مرے حسرتِ منزل تنہا
    عزم ِمحکم ہو تو ہوتی ہیں بلائیں پسپا
    کتنے طوفاں کو پلٹ دیتا ہے ساحل تنہا
    حُسن ہنگامۂ بازار میں مصروف رہا
    عشق تو چپ ہے سجائے ہوئے محفل تنہا
    سب کے ہونٹوں پہ تبسم تھا مرے قتل کے بعد
    جانے کیا سوچ کے روتا رہا قاتل تنہا
    لوگ تو ہو گئے بیکل غمِ دوراں کا شکار
    رہ گیا میں ہی زمانے کے مقابل تنہا


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