Faiz ki ek nazm aur Bde Day ’09

Faiz penned this nazm over six decades ago, as a poetic protest against the subcontinent, not to mention all those who in the ongoing spate of madness, saw the negation of all they had worked and struggled for and many had made considerable sacrifices for. In his words, the desired destination was still far off….

Today, more than six decades in the future, when one sees, albeit on a smaller scale, the same wave of madness, and worse still, the same pettiness and selfishness, it is obvious that the destination is still far beyond… far far beyond and unlike to be reached in our life, or so it seems.

One can only believe the wise man who said: “Be patient and you will have all you wanted in a better world.”

It was as soon as I woke up on Bde Day ’09, did these familiar lines come into my mind and when I was trudging home, at the end of the day, did they return. Though I expected all that unfolded during the day, I guess I will be lying if I do not confess that I did hope that somehow a different outcome could be expected…. but then it was a forlorn hope indeed. However, as another wise man once said to a tyrant who flaunted his power: “This too shall pass.” We will see and as another wise man (the third for those who lost count) said: Time is a great leveller.

And if nothing else we can delve into in the wise words of Marcus Aurelius and Boethius (fourth and fifth, just in order to keep track). (For those who have no or sparse knowledge of these, I will recommend they consult a good encyclopaedia or pick up a good edition of the Meditations or The Consolations of Philosophy… one which boasts of a good preface and that will be good enough to know about these illustious personages ).

However, lets return to Faiz. Here is the nazm “Subh-e-Azaadi”. As it is the hallmark of a great effort, it easily transcends its title to be much more relevant in wide spectrum of situations. Have a look for yourself.

Yeh daag daag ujaala, ye shab gazida sahar
Woh intezaar tha jis ka, yeh woh sahar to nahi
Yeh wo sahar to nahi jis ki aarzoo lekar
Chale the yaar ke mil jaayegi kahin na kahi

Falak ke dasht mein taaron ki aakhri manzil
Kahin to hoga shab-e-sust mauj kaa saahil
Kahin to ja ke rukega safina-e-gam-e-dil

Jawaan lahu ki pur-asraar shaharahon se
Chale jo yaar to daaman pe kitne haath padhe
Dayaar-e-husn ki be-sabr khwaabgaahon se
Pukarti rahi baahen, badan bulate rahe

Bahut azeez thi lekin rukh-e-sahar ki lagan
Bahut qareen tha haseenan-e-noor ka daaman
Subuk Subuk thi tamanna, dabi dabi thi thakan

Suna hai ho bhi chuka hai firaq-e-zulmat-e-noor
Suna hai ho bhi chuka hai wisaal-e-manzil-o-gaam
Badal chuka hai bahut ahl-e-dard ka dastoor
Nishaat-e-wasl halaal-o-azaab-e-hijr-e-haraam

Jigar ki aag, nazar ki umang, dil ki jalan
Kisi pe chaaraa-e-hijraan ka kuch asar hi nahi
Kahan se aayi nigaar-e-sabaa, kidhar ko gayi
Abhi chiraag-e-sar-e-rah ko kuch khabar hi nahi

Abhi garaani-e-shab mein kami nahi aayi
Najaat-e-deeda-o-dil ki ghadi nahi aayi
Chale chalo ki woh manzil abhi nahi aayi

Chale chalo ki woh manzil abhi nahi aayi………….


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