My appearance in a Montalbano novel

It was a singular failing of mine not to have read the Andrea Camilleri’s Montalbano series much earlier, though it was available in Lucknow when I was there but for some reason I have never been able to comprehend ever myself, I always kept from acquiring it till a vaguely indefinite future. However, it was a blessed day when I acquired the first in the series –Excursion to Tindari, though it was much later that I read it. In the meantime, I had acquired some more titles and read them first.

However, coming back to my point. I really fell in love with the series as I soon read them. It was an intense pleasure, specially when I found that I also had found a mention. See the following extract for proof. It is from page 178 of the Picador edition of the Excursion to Tindari.

On the streets there wasn’t a soul. A cat came out from a building and gave him a meow of greeting. Montalbano reciprocated with a ‘Ciao, how are you?’ The cat took a liking to him and followed him for a while. Then it turned back.

I will soon speak about the series in detail. Meanwhile this is the list of books. I have all the titles mentioned in the first part, with the sole exception of the The Terracotta Dog, which I will acquire  tomorrow or day after, now that I am solvent again. The five mentioned separately are currently not available yet but rest assured I will be on the lookout for them.

The Shape of Water – 2002 (La forma dell’acqua – 1994)
The Terracotta Dog – 2002 (Il cane di terracotta – 1996)
The Snack Thief – 2003 (Il ladro di merendine – 1996)
The Voice of the Violin – 2003 (La voce del violino – 1997)
Excursion to Tindari – 2005 (La gita a Tindari – 2000)
The Scent of the Night – 2005 (L’odore della notte – 2001)
Rounding the Mark – 2006 (Il giro di boa – 2003)
The Patience of the Spider – 2007 (La pazienza del ragno – 2004)
The Paper Moon – 2008 (La Luna di Carta – 2005)
August Heat – 2009 (La Vampa d’Agosto – 2006)

The Sphinx’s Wings – 2009 (Le Ali della Sfinge – 2006)
The Sand Path – 2010 (La pista di Sabbia – 2007)
The Potter’s Field – 2010 (Il campo del vasaio – 2008)
The Age of Doubt – 2010 (L’età del dubbio – 2008)


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