Whimsical Post #3: What a Saviour is

I was really humbled when some of my friends hailed me as a “Saviour” for something I had helped them with. However, later, when I analysed their conduct, I became aware that this title was not what all it seemed, and there were connotations to it…. connotations that were not entirely positive. In light of some recent incidents, I devoted some thought to the topic and eventually arrived at a certain hypothesis, which seemed logical and credible to me. 

I would like to share this hypothesis. If in the unlike eventuality of these certain individuals do happen to read the post – the chances of which I estimate as infinitesmally small – and have any objection to it, they are welcome to raise it with me. I promise them a patient hearing and a fair consideration of their views…. something never accorded to me.

However, based on my circumstances, a perusal of renowed works such as that of Boethius and Alain de Botton, a study of religious traditions and history, the mores of the present day civilisation, and works like Monty Python’s Life of Brian, among others, I have come to the following conclusions.

#1 It is in the “intrinsic” nature of the Saviour to help, without even being asked for it.

#2 It is for the same reason only that they are not supposed to feel insulted or angry at anyone one says, does or does not do, because they are only human and the Saviour is the Saviour, and beyond all this.

#3 Saviours are not supposed to fail in what they are supposed to do, despite any circumstances, and supposed to pull off miracles if needed.

#4 It is indeed presumptious and extremely so to even entertain the thought that they would ever need help themselves. Well, they are the Saviour after all.

#5 Taking benefit of them or their assistance but not listening to or heeding certaain things which one does not wish too, can be attributed to human nature, free will, influence of the diabolical principle or anything one can adduce.

#6 Nobody is expected to lift a finger to save them as whatever befalls them could be manifestation of their sacrifices for the beneficiaries in taking the brunt of fate on themselves or could even be part of an intricate and unexplicable cosmic design, so it is better not to get involved.

#7  They will only be missed when they have gone away or are otherwise not in the realm of mortals. While living, they will always be sought in a period of crisis, like one looks for a burly policeman or a fire brigade man at times of great trouble to vanquish the cause, or even to hide behind.

(This last part is based on my Policeman/Fire Brigademan hypothesis, but then I will discuss that some other time……). Benedictio Domini Sit Vobiscum……. (Its getting to me. I’m even beginning to talk like one)

Aighe va….


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