An oft-remembered scene from an old, old film II

I was compelled to close the last post at that point despite not coming to the scene, or more appropriately the title card announcing it, that I wanted to relate since it was getting long and it was not fair that it be buried somewhere in the end.

Continuing the narrative…… 

A title card tells us that Hutter travels many dusty roads to the Karpathen (Carpathian) mountains.

(Here I will again break and give a brief synopsis of what transpires and then the screenplay highlighting the  part that remains in my memory after all those years and pops up at the most unexpected of moments)

Hutter  arrives at a tavern, still excited by his trip. He yells out for dinner before he continues on to Count Orlok’s castle. Upon hearing this, the crowd in the tavern react with shock and fear. They tell him he can’t continue due to the werewolf stalking the forests at night. A wolf like creature scares many horses into bolting into the wilderness, so Hutter stays the night at the inn. After being led to his room, Hutter closes the window and gets ready for bed when he notices a book on his nightstand. It is titled Of Vampires, Terrible Ghosts, Magic, and The Seven Deadly Sins. He reads a section on Nosferatu, terrible creatures that live in caves filled with soil from the fields of Black Death. Thinking nothing of it, Hutter goes to sleep. The next morning Hutter wakes as shepherds are returning horses to their corrals. He again notices the book, but still thinks nothing of it and soon continues his journey.

After traveling all day by carriage, Hutter is yelling to the driver to hurry before the sun sets. The driver pulls over, telling Hutter he refuses to go any further, no matter Hutter offers to pay him. Undisturbed by the driver’s cowardice, Hutter takes his gear and continues on foot. He crosses a small wooden bridge and comes to a deserted road. (AND HERE FLASHES THAT UNFORGETTABLE TITLE CARD)  A moment later a carriage arrives with a sinister looking driver. The driver says nothing, but motions for Hutter to get in. After a cautious moment, Hutter gets in, and the carriage goes back the way it came.

And now the same as appears in the film…..


From relay to relay, through the dust raised by the stages,
Hutter hurried on.

A coach speeds along rugged countryside

A Village Inn
Harker disembarks from the coach and enters the Inn.

HUTTER:  Dinner, quickly!  I should already be at Count
Orlok’s castle!

The inn patrons look away in worry.

INNKEEPER:  You must not leave now!  The evil spirits become
all-powerful after dark!

HUTTER:  (chuckles to himself)

In a room at the Inn
Harker undresses for bed
He reads from a book left on the bedtable

…and it was in 1443 that the first Nosferatu was born.
That name rings like the cry of a bird of prey.  Never speak it
Men do not always recognize the dangers that beasts can
sense at certain times.

HUTTER:  (laughs and goes to bed)

Outside the window, a hyena prowls
Village horses scatter in fear
Village women cower in terror

Outside the Inn
A coach departs

In the Carpathian Mountains
The coach speeds along mountain roads

PASSENGER:  Hurry!  The sun will soon be setting.

At a crossroads
The coach stops and Harker disembarks

DRIVER:  We will go no further, sir.  Not for a fortune!  We
will go no further.  Here begins the land of the phantoms.

The driver throws down Harker’s luggage

HUTTER:  (Walks away, crossing over a bridge)

And when he had crossed the bridge into the land of the phantoms, the phantoms came to meet him. (THIS IS IT…. how many times has this title card flashed into my mind whenever I cross a small bridge….somethings always remain entrenched in the mind )

Hutter is met by a coach which carries him to Castle of Orlok……


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