Another episode from the Montalbano series

I really can’t get enough of Inspector Salvo Montalbano. I must have re-read each of the ten novels I have at least an average of five times besides having the sparkling idea to share my favourite passages with all of you….. but I really get convulsed at some of them. This is a running streak from The Terracota Dog – which happend to be the last one I acquired and read…and after I finished I felt an almost unbearable emptiness…. a sense of loss. Anyway…

These passages are from this book only and I found the last one extremely funny, but it can only be understood in the context of the previous occurences, which is why I have given them to provide any reader a full picture. Those who intend to read it themselves some time can read on undeterred…there are no spoilers.

Enjoy the sardonic exchanges….

pgs 89-90

“I see.  Listen, Fazio, this evening I want you to drop by the Vinti warehouse and ask the manager, in my name, to lend us some shovels, pickaxes, matlocks and spades, ten or so. We’ll all meet here tomorrow at six. Inspector Augello and Catarella will stay behind at headquarters. I want two cars- no, make that one car, ’cause you are going to ask Vinti’s to give you a Jeep, too. By the way, who has the key to our garage?”
“Whosoever’s on duty always has it. At the moment, that would be Catarella.”
“Get it from him and give it to me.”
“Right away. But if you don’t mind my asking, what do we need pickaxes for?”
“We’re changing profession. As of tomorrow, we’re going into farming, the healthy life, working in the field. Wht do you say?”
“You know, Inspector,  for the last few days there’s just no reasoning with you. Maybe you could tell us what’s got into you? You’re always obnoxious and rude.”

pg 101

As was his habit, he arrived at the headquarters about ten minutes late. His men were all ready with one squad car and the Jeep on loan from Vinti’s which was loaded up with shovels, mattocks, pickaxes and spades. They loooked like labourers on their way to earn a day’s pay working the land.

pg 127

“At your service?”
“Get Vinti’s to lend you the Jeep and the shovels and pickaxes again. We’re going back to the Crasticeddru tomorrow, you, me, Germana and Galluzo.
“This is becoming a bad habit,”
Fazio cried out.

pg 141

He went home, put on his bathing suit, went for a long, long swim, came back inside, dried himself off, but did not get dressed again. There was nothing in the refrigerator, but in the oven sat, as on a throne, a casserole with four huge servings of pasta n’casciata, a dish worthy of Olympus.
He ate two portions, put the casserole back in the oven, set his alarm clock, slept like a rock for one hour, got back up, took a shower, put his already dirty jeans and shirt back on, and went to the station.
Fazio, Germana and Galluzo were waiting for him in their work clothes. As soon as they saw him, they grabbed their shovels, pickaxes, and mattocks and stuck up the old-day labourers chorus, shaking their tools in the air, “Give land to those who work! Give land to those who work!”
“F***ing idiots,”
was Montalbano’s only comment.


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