More thoughts on the weather

I really cannot understand two or three things and I guess I shall never be able to within this lifespan – the first is the question of how people can never have the time or incliantion to read and look askance at someone who can finish a medium sized book (say 300-400 pages within a day or so, or in my case, in the span of some night hours after returning from office at midnight). However, let it be….. I will choose to think its a special skill vouchsafed to some only and be content to be among the elect.

The second issue is of language – it is perplexing why people do not take pride in achieving a high standard, and why most are content to remain uni-lingual. However, I shall deal with this elsewhere.

The third is the question of weather. I really cannot understand why people are not content with the nice, crispy weather we have here at this moment – my favourite. …. (I was writing this yesterday – Jan 11 – but could not finish…

However, I am happy to note today (Jan 12) was even colder and to add to my joy, a little drizzle commenced in the night. I hope it gets colder – much colder – and if there is rain, it should the heavy sort. I cannot understand why people abhor this extremely fine weather – the crisp chill, the cold refreshing air that caresses your face as you ride on a vehicle… it is definitely the weather that makes you feel alive.

The only other climate I look forward to  is the onset of the summer and so long as it is characterised by dry heat. However, lets stick to the winter here – summer will be dealt with when it arrives. Lts hope its late and this chill continues…. Some snow would also be welcome.

However, this weather further accentuates the pleasure as I pursue one of my favourite activities  – walking home through a sleeping city late at night. It may seem that I have read too many crime noir or spy thrillers but it is really a favoutite of mine…. to hear your footsteps echo in the pervading silence. It becomes more pleasurable  when there is fog…. seeing (or not seeing) the familiar landmarks shrouded and just loom out when you come close, the blurs that may be some other living creatures of the night…..

And then when you reach home, you can have a nice stiff drink and enjoy the pleasure of a good book….. Ahhhhh the simple (and achievable) pleasures of life!


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