Another good Wednesday

Though its too soon to make a valid and objective assessment of the situation at this point in time, my luck seem to have changed – somewhat. Wednesdays, which all through the annus horibilis 2009 had become a major burden…. they still are, as far as what to do to while away the hours is concerned, but occasionally I do hit on a good time, such as on Jan 13.

Though the first Wednesday was not very pleasant – dealing with a client not entirely happy and riding out a massive traffic SNAFU and lack of transport in reaching the venue of the second meeting, halfway across the city, and though somehow managing to reach there  and that too way late, coming a cropper in the choice of cuisine….. However, thats past and I just hope the coming Wednesday is not like that.

Coming to this Wednesday, it turned out to be one of those rare days that are much welcomed.  As it unfolded after a lazy rise from sleep and leisurely dressing, the foremost thought in my mind was to visit Delhi-6 – which I had been unable since the two last months. While in Novemeber, I was slightly on the edge and involved what ultimately turned out to be a wild goose chase, though on my part, I am content I did what I had too, no matter what they all – especially the beneficiary – may think, and December went in dealing with what some people think the acme of their objective in their life – calumny, rank ingratitude and a deplorable lack of acceptable behaviour. However, let it be….. they will have to deal with the consequences themselves.

Returning back to my account, I must say there was a spring in my step, not to mention a sudden sense of freedom that there was no one I had to put up with, I made my way down that familiar street and then left and up that slight incline to that crowded but highly atmospheric bazaar.

And as I entered the small shop, which has been a source of solace not to mention many a serendipitous discovery all through the year which has so fortunately passed, the welcome was all I expected. Both Aziz sahab and Khusro sahab were solicitous and concerned over the long absence. I spent an instructive and pleasant hour or two, not finding much but coming upon a rare gem or two… which I eagerly acquired and and am not going to tell you here and now.

Anyway, since I reached there late… well later than the time I am accustomed too, I only left the time the shop closed. Seeing the vibrant activity, I decided to roam around a bit and as it was not even 1900 hours – it was too soon to leave for home even given the hour plus journey.

Then followed a pleasurable interlude – culinary wise, tanking up protein levels, carbohydrate, glucose levels, not top mention beta-carotene. I already found a delicacy I saw after years- ‘habshi‘ itself…

To be continued…. most certainly


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