Whimsical Post #10: An inspiring example of a dedicated scholar

A dedicated scholar’s work is never done. And this is so true of those who utilise their lives to…. lets take a simple example,  safeguarding a language and guiding people in its correct usage. (I know this is a particular concern of mine but to those who contend that the main purpose of language is to communicate and no one cares if rules are followed or not as long as the other person understands. I will sublimely dismiss their misguided and spurious logic and say that they can make their meaning understood by a combination of gesticulations and pigdin but that that would scarcely suffice to allow themselves to belong to a race that prides itself on its capacity to think, express and undertand the most abtruse thoughts, the most complicated explanations and appreciate some moving portrayals of human life and experiences……. however).

Getting back to the point, I cite this example of a dedicated scholar who never forgot his responsibility.

The last word (in many more ways that one)  on usage of language belongs to venerable French grammarian Domique Bonhours, who proved on his deathbed that a grammarian’s work is never done when he gazed at those gathered loyally around him and whispered: “I am about to – or I am going to – die; either expression is used.”  

What could be more inspiring?


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