Another well-known qawaali IV

I had written a lot about the famous qawaali to Lal Shahbaz Qalandar of Sehwan, rendered by a host of famous singers from Reshma to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan,  in December (around the 13, if I remember). There remains one more thing to be added.

I had cited the version (s) popularised by Reshma, but at that time expressed inability to provide the final verse of the her original version since I no longer had access to that recording. That was then…. Now I must report that a diligent search (for something else – that will emerge in the other post scheduled for today) led to me finding that desired object – a CD with the old 1960s vintage rendition by Reshma – the one that catapulted her to enduring fame.

I could not wait to get home and hear it – the youtful vibrant voice is a treat to hear – and though what she sang later is also effective, her more matured voice doesn’t have that sense of abandon, which this has. It also had that oft remembered last stanza which I have never ever heard by any other singer…. Here it is

Sehwan Sharif dian uchiyan galiyan
Laiye ne phere, paiye ne kaliyan
Udh ke te ban gaiye bagh bhala Jhoole Lalan
Sindri da Sehwan da, Sakhi Shahbaz Qalandar
Dama dam Mast Qalandar, Ali dam dam de andar

And the glorious track fades away……. What an experience it is to listen to it.


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