My uncharacteristic, shocking act remedied

A couple of days back I had reported an uncharcteristic act I had done, which had even shocked, shocked me (Shades of the good Captain Renault). It took some days to come to terms with the incident – that I had left behind a book I was avidly seeking  (the latest installment of Frank Tallis’ Liebermann Papers– despite already having picked up three. But I took heart in the fact that there were at least two copies and based on my unshakeable conviction there was no one in this benighted city and country to pick both up in a day or two – to be sure I requested the staff to safeguard a copy for me. The three others were one of their kind (and single copies ) – Jason Elliot’s first book – on his travels in Afghanistan, one on Sir Richard Francis Burton (a steal at that price) and the third – well we will leave the third one aside.

As I had detailed for the next two days I was unable to go there – the next day was a public holiday and on the next, I was caught up in other things (one never materialised and the other turned out to be below expectations but that is life).

It was today (Thursday, the 28th of January 2010) did I – after some dithering – make my way to the spot and pick it up. But as it happens, I found two other good books too – but given the precarious state of the finances – a liquidity crunch – I was sadlly constrained to leave them for the moment. (And one of this was Seyyed Hossein Nasr himself). No matter, just three days remain to the time when the month gets over and the crunch eases.

“Wait and Hope!” as the Count (de Monte Cristo) said. Meanwhile, I cannot wait to get home and return to fin-de-siecle Vienna, thanks to Dr Tallis and meet old friends – Max and Oskar.


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