Another incident I would like to forget (though remedied)

This was the second incident of the same kind in roughly a week and I still can’t believe it though this time I had ample reasons for it – the marked inability to carry through with the acquisition.

But, let me start at the beginning. Yesterday, the 1st of February, I had a meeting in the morning that I was not particularly looking forward too, since it would require considerable and adroit handling to keep from being disagreeable…. but that is not exactly germane to the point. It is only relevant insofar that I had decided to go – as a palliative measure – and pick up a couple of books I had alluded to last week, which I could not get at that time because I had to get another book I had left behind on my previous visit as I had found some others which took precedence…. its a long and complicated story and only a fellow bibliophile would understand my position.

However, there was another major factor involved – the economic, which assumes preponderance. I had assumed that it being the first of the month, there would be an inflow of capital funds but discovered to my horror, this had not occurred by the time I was in the glorious environs of the shop. Dejected, I pored listlessly at the desired books and others which caught my interest – resisting firmly an inkling to dip into the strategic reserves. I had some funds – by no means  sufficient – but there was another necessary purchase to be made and then I had also to reach my place of work. So, with a most heavy heart, I left.

My exit evoked great surprise in one of the staff at the shop, who gently remonstrated that this was the first occasion in quite some time that he was seeing me leave empty-handed and remarked they seemed to have failed. How could I have told him the real reason? I just muttered something about seeking to do some background checks before I picked up what I had seen.

However, justice was done. Later, in the day, the transaction took place and I made sure to go today, the 2nd of February, and pick them up….

I so look forward to reaching home shortly and strating the books – one a thriller of Stalinist Russia and the other, a scholarly work by Seyyed Hossein Nasr….. oh joy unfettered!


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