A sample of Persian poetry

It may seem contentious on my part, but I firmly believe that the best poetry can be found in certain languages only….. (However, I will not name these since it could excite tension….it will suffice to say that these handful of languages will be the only ones spoken in my heaven). However, I will be slightly indiscreet and let slip that فارسی…I mean Persian or Farsi happens to be one of them.

See a small selection. Take this by the celebrated خواجه شمس‌الدین محمد حافظ شیرازی whom you would know as Khwāja Shamsud-din Muhammad Hāfez-e Shirāzi . I have written about this poem earlier, so just be content with a couple or so stanzas.

Sal ha del talab-e Jaam-e-Jam az ma mikard
Va an che khod dast, ze bigane tamanna mikard


Gohar-i ke az sadaf-e kaun-o-makaan birun ast
Talab az gomshodegan-e lab-e darya mikard

and finally

Faiz-e Ruh-ul-Qudos, ar baz madad farmayad
Digaran-ham bu-konand an che Masiha mikard

Take the sage of Naishapur, Omar Khayyam himself. I have written about him earlier, but only quoted the Fitzgerald translations – which are more of an interpretation – and a new translation I found, but his work in his original language has a certain cadence….

Ein kohne rubat ra ke alam namast
Waramgahe ablaqe subh-o-shamast
Bazmeest ke wamandahe sad Jamshidast
Qasreest ke takyeyahe sad Bahramast

Yekchand be koodake be ostaad shodeem
Yeehand be ostadiye khud shad shodeem
Payane sokhan shanu ke mara che raseed
As khak dar amadeem-o-barbaad shodeem

Aye charkhe falak kharabee as keeneye tost
Bedadgare adat-e-deerenye tost
Way khaak egar seeneye to beshkafand
Bas gauhar-e-qeemak key dar seeneye tost

And to end with Abū-Muḥammad Muṣliḥ al-Dīn bin Abdallāh Shīrāzī Saʿdī

Magar malaikeh bar aaseman vagarnah bashar
Be husn-i-surat-do aar zamin nakhahad bood
Be dosti ke haraamast bad azoo sohbat
Keh heech notfe chonu aadami nakhahad bood


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