Eight sources of humour

I have been mulling over this post for quite some time  but somehow never could get down to it… till today.

This is basically an initial listing of some books or other media I have found the most humourous and been inspired by myself (not to mention wishing long and hard I could have the same capability). However, I just mention them here and I shall be elaborating on each of them at length (though I must warn you I cannot commit myself to a precise time frame given the constraints in which I must operate).

At the moment, eight come to my mind as I have already written about the serial Sledgehammer earlier. 

1. The works of P.G. Wodehouse, particularly Bertie Wooster and the infallible Jeeves, Lord Emsworth, his castle and his relatives and associates and others (not to forget the pig) and of course, Mr Mulliner and his ilk….to my mind, it is certainly the best of the canon.

2. The unforgettable Tales from the Mess, and its sequel, More Tales from the Mess, compiled by Miles Noonan (if I correctly recall). Of all things, I miss losing the chance to acquire them or even displacing the few anecdotes I had had copied once upon a time. But a few of them are always there in my mind and I shall endeavour to recall them, though I cannot claim an exact match.

3. The two celebrated works of Jerome K Jerome – Three Men in a Boat (to say nothing of the Dog) and Three Men on a Bummel. I have cited some episodes but there still remain some more.

4. The “Dand McNeill” series by George McDonald Fraser. I shared an anecdote from them the other day and can promise more. However, since the three books of the series – among my most prized possessions – have been kept safe at my home, you will have to trust my recollections.

5. The serial M*A*S*H 4077 and its unforgettable characters, sparkling dialogues and unforgettable comedy.

6. The  serial “Chor Machaye Shor”. This is an old Pakistani serial, of the late 1980s,  and much of its humour comes due to the language and the efforts of the principal protagonist, though other members of the cast do play their parts as well.

7. The game show “Who’s Line Is It Anyway?” Those who haven’t seen it, have no idea of what they have missed. My condolences.

8. The comic book series Asterix. Some of the references and events (even in the English translations I have read) are too funny. Unfortunately again, I have no access to a considerable part of the series that I owned since it is on loan to someone that I haven’t had contact with for years and the current prognosis does not appear favourable too…. So again you will have to trust my memory.

Of course, there are other sources too but I will start with these for the time being and as and when I get the time and opportunity to deal with each of these at a fairly decent length.


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