Another well-known qawaali V

I had written at length about the famous qawaali dedicated to Lal Shahbaz Qalandar of Sehwan some time ago and tried to acquaint you with all the variants I had heard.

I felt I had done a fairly comprehensive job of it….. I was mistaken.

Yesterday (April 7 in the year of Uncertainty 2010) , I was in the middle of the oldest and most prestigious market of New Delhi for a lunch appointment. Well it did not go the way I expected – but that is life – whiel I think I ate a little too heartily too, for when it was over, I really did not have the inclination to go for the spell of brisk walking and climbing up and down long flights of stairs the visit to old Delhi – which was next on my agenda – would entail.

So I decided to rest I while and chose for this pupose a music shop I quite regularly frequent. It is now I begin to understand the truth of that adage – “There is a divinity that shapes our ends , rough-hew as we will.”  I had intended to search for some CDs that were not available the last time I checked… the stock had got over and I didn’t find anything worthwhile or that would have suited my budget. I tried in the shop across the road and had a fortutious meeting…. the recounting of which – imy own trademark way – gave my mother the chills…. but lets not digress and return to what happend April 7.

I was luckier this time and I found one of the CDs I was looking for, and also came on another which seemed promising. By the time, one of the employees put on a CD…. and WELL THAT WAS IT.

It was another variation of Shahbaz Qalander, but sung with such gusto, brio, enthusiasm … (words fail me) not to mention a rare abandon that I was immediately and irretrievably entranced. I asked to see the CD cover and found it was a by a duo called the Wadali brothers. I had never even heard of them before but that did not stop me for picking up the CD immediately.

All through the rest of engagements – well they passed as a blur and I couldn’t wait to get home and hear it again. But then as they say “Patience has its own rewards” and I dutifully plodded on. It was definitely rewarded.

I heard it twice last night and considered myself blessed as I let that rhythm and once this morning. I can’t wait to get home and hear it yet again.

It does not have many variations form what I have written already but the duo indulge in a lot of discoursing on the various stanzas…. I will share it with you soon. I really will…. but what an experience.


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