Another of the dies felicae… on a Wednesday

Well, I have to admit Wednesdays are fast becoming days to look forward too…. (let me cross my fingers)… instead of the dreary deceit-filled, distressing and deplorable days (my my, what splendid alliteration skills… even though I say so myself) they used be till last year.

Yesterday, April 21 of the Year of Glorious Uncertainty 2010 was one of the better ones – since a long time. Let me lay out the happenings of the day.

I had a meeting with my friend from the Land of النيل‎…. (that is An-nīl for all of you, or if you prefer, the Nile). I was looking forward to it. Not only did I have some expectations (with which I hoped to redeem a promise to my parents…. which as you will agree is always a positive thing), I had something that would make him happy (and that you will agree is also a positive thing to do). However, I regret that operational reasons prevent me from divulging more here.

The day started as normal with the usual laziness that has become a hallmark since I do not have to start for work well after noon – a period which sees frenzied activity – unless those days when I have to go early for a meeting (now rare) or to browse books. However, I had planned to leave early yesterday in view of the fact that there was an expected disruption to movement and communication due to yet another political show and I did not want to left adrift midway. Also I had a lot of preparation to do before my meeting. However, as they say… the best laid plans of man….. It was noon before I could leave, having displayed the same sloth which is fast becoming a habit. However, my fears proved groundless and I reached my destination with no more problem than a slight diversion which led me to a five-minute walk that I had anticipated. On my way to preparations, I stopped at my bookseller and I found a major treasure….. a book I was looking for ages ever since I heard about it. However, I did not want to pick up then only since I had a long day ahead of me and I told him to keep for it when I returned later in the evening. I finished the preparatory work… which took slightly longer because I wanted to hedge for another eventuality too.

Then I sauntered towards the venue of the assignation…. Picking up another slight treasure on the way (This also I cannot tell you about). It took a slight time to find the place but I did and I was lucky …. my friend was just on the verge of leaving – I had mistimed the timing. However, as he saw me and we went back in, I, on my part, profusely apologing for the mistake.

Anyway, any lingering resentment that might have been soon dissipated after I told him one of the things I had accomplished for him – and this was the least of what I had done, all due to a stroke of providence.

Here, now I must stop a minute and mull over something. Shall I continue while the events are fresh in my mind or wait a day so I can gain some perspective? I think the second option is better and also I have run out of time tonight…. I will resume tomorrow, Insh’Allah

To be continued……


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