A great, grave disappointment……

As always, this post dealing with an incident on the day before the day before should have come the day before. But two things prevented me – the first is the oft-cited reason of a slight time gap lending more perspective.

And the second – which is more true in this case – is somewhat more convoluted. Yesterday, June 1o of the Year of Glorious Uncertainty 2010, something quite positive happened…. without me having any inkling of it. Given this felicitous happening, I was in no mood to put on anything here with the  sort of heading you can see above.

Well, with all that sorted out, let me come to the matter I wanted to discuss. I must confess I can not resist shivering slightly in disdain – I would use disgust but I do not want to use a stronger word for what I would term lack of knowledge and expertise … of culture itself – as I recall the incident.

It was on Wednesday, the June 9, when as usual, it was my day from work. As is more usual, I decided to make another trip of the old city areas, under the postal code 6. As is most usual, I lingered on and on in grip of a most pervasive sloth and it was close to evening when I set out of home.

Though the bus of the route I wanted was nowhere in sight, I employed a strategem which had yielded good dividends a few days earlier and set on my quest (well no sense being mysterious about it – all I did was to take whichever bus came and change at a spot where I could get on those going towards my destination).

An uneventful ride later, I was at the Maktaba…. and unexpectedly welcomed with a plate of pakoras. As Khusro sahab remarked, it is true that every morsel bears the name of its intended recepient. Crisp and bearing some spicy/salty dressing, they were exactly what was wanted.

Anyway, I did not find anything much new and captivating, so I took the opportunity of picking up a couple of books I had been mulling to acquire over the past two visits or so. I found one book but Khusro sahab asked me to take next time, noting it was a library edition and I should wait for the normal version which was supposed to have come but hadn’t. I acquiesced… the proposal made sense.

It was when I was lounging about after my purchases that I saw a book that I earnestly wanted the moment I looked at it but it would have to wait till next week.

Adding to more disappointment, none of the new issues of the magazines had come….. Even the pineapple did not taste as glorious as last time. But such are the vicissitudes of life!

I walked about a little more….. thought of doing some scouting for a someone but when I rang to tell him, he was not available. Then, a sense of hunger began brewing and I thought of indulging a little snack.

I analysed the choices available and came to the conclusion I should try the second alternative…. an old and prestigious establishment. Well given my experience, I wonder if it deserves the second adjective any longer. Well, I must not do them an injustice….. perhaps the lack of expertise was for that particular item in question which I feel is only best available in my homeland.

But let me start at the beginning. What, when and where to eat that day had been a question – a profound one – ever since the day began. I had initially thought of which of the two establishments in my locality I should patronise but as I told you, I felt hunger and decided to sup in the area I was then.

(well you would understand what disppointment is…. I have written over 600 words but am not close (as neither are you) to what the disappointment was. 

To be continued…..


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