A surfeit of temptations

Tackling temptations can test the mettle of the most steadfast and resolute man…. I however have my own formula to deal with the situation. (And yes you guessed right, it will only be revealed to you quite some time later).

Today (June 29, 2010) was a day I had resolved to go to one of my regular haunts to discover if they had any new books that I would like. This was despite a frenzied dash the previous day (June 28) to the Anjuman Taraqqi Urdu to pick up Noor-ul-Lughat (abandoned for the Firoz-ul-Lughat, after discovering the former comprised char jild…. four big volumes, I mean) and some farhang, published by the Qaumi Council Baraye Farogh-e-Urdu Zabaan). By the grace of god, I reached my venue with literally bare minutes to spare and managed to carry out the transaction successfully. Thereafter, with still almost two hours to go, I went to the city centre and my regular books supplier but he had nothing new. Finding it difficult to kill time, I ventured to another establishment I sometimes frequent.

Reaching there I discovered to my horror…well annoyance certainly that the work of the renowned pessismistic philosopher, Arthur Schopenhauer, was no longer there. Also, though there were two works of Greek historian and soldier, Xenophon, the one I wanted was not available…. I found a few other interesting but then not enough to acquire them immediately. This would haunt me later.

(Also, I suffered a brief occurrence of what is termed a “wardrobe malfunction” but corrected it well in time…. I am not going to give more details and please refrain from sniggering or making that expression…. it is most unseemly). 

However, coming to Tuesday’s episode, I managed to finish the necessary works at home (well in time) and set out. I took the first bus (which was not what I wanted but I have learnt it is better to take it and change at a spot where a surfeit of alternatives is available). This too, I did and I took a state-run bus (in which for sometime, Iwas the only passenger) after ascertaining it did go to my destination. Ensconced in comfort, I just gave a start when it turned right a turn before usual, but I relaxed (as I with my superb and spectacular orientation skills, worked out the route). It  dropped me in front of the market (unlike my usual buses, from which I have to get quite some distance – almost two parallel streets away – and hightail to my destination, which is tricky when time is against me….. alsmost everytime). But this time, I had slightly over an hour to contentedly browse…oh joy.

After a cursory inspection, I searched for the Xenophon book and found it. Then I looked for Sallust but it was not there… this led to a strange yearning with consequences later, as I will tell you when I come to them.

In the meanwhile, I had found a new Donna Leon… the latest. And for that matter….. Ohh,  I’ve run out of time. I will continue tomorrow, my day off, if I can – given the amount of things I have to do.

To be continued…


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