A surfeit of temptations II

This is another example of posts languishing for long due to a surfeit of preoccupations. In this particular case, it has been a week and I have not been able to return to it to finish it… more than a week later and given the fact that most of the events described have been overtaken by new ones. However, I must finish.

I was telling you about how having reached a favourite haunt well in time (unlike the usual frenzied dash…that even occured today, the 6th of July 2010) I found two books I was looking for – one the fanous account of the Greek soldier-writer Xenophon and the latest Commissario Brunnetti saga by Donna Leon.

Then if this was not enough, I came across across a book I had seen last time around but kept back. This was called “Freedom for Sale” by John Kampfner on how in several countries, around the world, there was a tradeoff of civil and political liberties in return for security and/or economic prosperity. It listed eight or so case studies, ranging from obvious cases such as Singapore and the UAE to Russia, the United Kingdom, Italy (with which I am famous due to Andrea Camilleri’s Inspector Montalbano series),  US and even India. Needless to say, it did pick my interest and I did resolve to pick it up too….

Then I found another one! This was called The Geography of Bliss by Eric Weiner, and the description of it being a “grump’s” attempt to find happiness across the world was, to say the least, entrancing….. It dealt with its visits to Holland, Iceland, Qatar, India, Bhutan, the UK, Thailand, his native US and for some reason Moldova (why he did that I found out when I read it eventually…. but let me not outpace my narrative).

Anyway, coming back to the crux, I had four books in hand and kept on thinking which to take and which not…hence the surfeit of temptations I say in the title. Everytime I resolved to keep back, I experienced a strong emotion of loss and could not decide which to keep for next time (and the abiding fear it might not be there then)…. and then time was ticking away…..

Ultimately, I brought into implementation the best way to deal with temptation, especially when it seems to overwhelm you (I had promised I would explain it to you eventually…so here it is in full).

The best way to counter temptation, especially when it seems to overwhelm you) is to….. give in to it. (See, it is that simple) ,

However, this was not enough (and I do hope this account does not come to the attention of my parents, who are liable to administer me a stern, scathing rebuke , no, I guess reprimand is a better word, at the least and at the worst…. well I even shudder to think of the prospects.

However, as I said this was not enough… despite these acqusitions, the Sallust beckoned to me and I felt I would not survive if I didn’t have it as soon as possible…. so I rushed from the place (just stopping enroute a minute to pick some supplies), engaged a mode of conveyance, rushed to the other place and picked it up. However, all this took time and I missed a comfortable bus ride to my office (as well as being unable to pick up something to eat… but who cares when you have some good worthwhile reading material) and had to engage a costlier mode of transport…. but then as I said: “Who Cares”.

And even this was not enough…. the very next day, I had an overwhelming urge that without Hesiod’s Theogony, my life was worthless but let me save this account for some other time. For now, this must suffice.


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