100 books everyone must have read II

I was providing you a list of 100 books you must read if you want to be considered well read – well by my own standards at least and I assure you they are quite high. Anyway, I had put half the list, or about 50 books, a couple of days ago and promised to give you the remaining soon. I redeem my promise and provide the other half.

I must however confess it was a most difficult task to compile the list – recasting a gamut of books of all genres and in various languages studied over three and a half decades of extensive reading, determining the works that were exemplary and trying to limit every author to one work (unless absolutely necessary) in order to have more representation (this created a big hurdle in identifying one work only from a few series I am addicted too…. but I managed somehow to identify something which I feel was representative or may have liked best or…anyway).

I feel it is a fairly representative list. Though it comprises books in two languages only – English and Urdu (in which I am the most fluent), may I point out the works in the first include translations from Arabic, Czech, French, German,Greek, Italian, Latin, Polish, Russian and Swedish at the very least.

Here are the other 50.

51 The Myth of Sisyphus                           – Albert Camus
52 The Form of Things                               – A C Grayling
53 Essays in Pessimism                              – Arthur Schopenhauer 
54 The Meaning of Life                               – Terry Eagleton
55 Mother Tongue                                        – Bill Bryson
56 The Geography of Bliss                         – Eric Weiner
57 Tea with Hezbollah                                – Ted Dekker & Carl Medearis
58 Samarkand                                                 – Amin Maalouf
59 Tilism-e-Hoshruba                                  – Various
60 The Soccer War                                        – Ryszard Kapuscinski
61 The Mind of God                                        – Paul H Davies
62 How Language Works                           – David Crystal
63 Three Men on a Boat                               – Jerome K Jerome
64 Innocents Abroad                                    – Mark Twain
65 The Laughing Policeman                      – Maj Sjolwall & Per Wahloo
66 Flashman and the Tiger                          – George McDonald Fraser
67 Excursion to Tindari                                 – Andrea Camilleri
68 The Saladin Murders                                 – Matt Rees
69 Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman! – Richard P.Feynman
70 The Satires                                                    – Horace
71 Dabistan-e-Lakhnau ki Shairi               – Abul Lais Siddiqui
72 Inside Europe (1930 edn)                       – John Gunther
73 How the Universe Got Its Spots           – Janna Levin
74 The Dialogues                                              – Seneca the Younger
75 An Idealist View of Life                           – S.Radhakrishnan
76 The Course of German History              – A J P Taylor
77 Open Letters                                                  – Vaclav Havel
78 Far Horizons                                                  – Frank Gardner
79 A Bridge Too Far                                          – Cornelius Ryan
80 Turkey Observed                                          – R P Lister
81 Chasing the Monsoon                                  – Alexander Frater
82 Twenty Tales From The War Zone        – John Simpson
83 The Wooden Horse                                       – Eric Williams
84 The Interpretation of Dreams                 – Sigmund Freud
85 Mr Tompkins in Paperback                       – George Gamow
86 Dehli ki Aakhri Shama                                 – Mirza Farhatullah Beg
87 Defeat into Victory                                       – Field Marshal Sir William Slim
88 Kulliyat-e-Fani                                                – Shaukat Ali Khan Fani Badayuni
89 Jingo                                                                    – Terry Pratchett 
90 Yes Minister                                                     – Anthony Jay & Jonathan Lynn
91 The Symposium                                              – Plato
92 Vienna Blood                                                   – Frank Tallis
93 Dining with Terrorists                                  – Phil Rees
94 Qadeem Lakhnau ki Aakhri Bahar         – Mirza Jafar Hussain
95 The Pickwick Papers                                    – Charles Dickens
96  Place at the End of the World                 – Janine di Giovanni
97 Meet Mr Mulliner                                          – P G Wodehouse
98 The Password is Courage                           – John Castle 
99 Tales from the Mess                                      – Miles Noonan
100 Father Brown                                              – G.K.Chesterton

As I promised, I will now take up the task of providing more information about the books listed for the benefit of all those who are interested. I feel the need for a supplementary…. but maybe later.

To be continued….


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