A quest and how it turned out III

I was writing about a quest of mine and how it fell apart – you may question me for dragging it on even after I admit the objective did not turn out the way I wanted but there is still more to the story…. I had to end the previous post – the second in the series – as it was getting too long.

A brief recapitulation before I move on – I had told you about how I reached the destination, found the object and assessed that it did not meet the requirements. Happily, there was another longed-for object which became the new objective, thus making the whole quest a success. There was no way I was going to leave that copy of Hasek, after finding it at a most reasonable price. I saw more options – the stock having undergone a major augmentation since I was last there – but somehow they did not evoke the same attraction as this, though I did browse through them and put them on my mental check-list for acquisition in the time to come.

As I was going through the books on the shelves, one which engaged my interest next was a travelogue by Mark Twain himself. As I flipped though it, my interest began to grow and I was seriously considering to take it as well. It was that moment itself that a rare and slight feeling of restraint manifested itself in me and I decided to acquire it next time.  I kept it back and began having a look at others and kept returning to it, until a glance at my watch showed it was time to move on. I had gone to the counter itself and was on the verge of paying for Hasek when a slight delay as the salesman was tending to some one else – and as usual, making heavy weather of it – proved irresistible to me. I hurried back to the shelves, and brought the Twain back as my soul would not countenance at all at leaving it behind. It was a feeling of satiation and great content that I walked of the shop finally. Well, it was in this way that my quest, though subverted in a way, was finally done.

But, my dear readers, this certainly does not complete my tale. Though my quest was done, there remained the sub-quest about which I began telling you in the beginning and it is possible that you might have forgotten about it. My account will, by no means, be complete unless I take care of this strand of the narrative as well.

As it happened, I had at that moment roughly enough time to saunter to my supplier, make inquiries about the book and whatever be the answer, move off and take a bus to my office otherwise I would have to spend more on a more expensive though convenient method of public transport. But as I say, (and I notice I say it quite a lot here)… the best-laid plans of men….

I reached well almost as per the tight schedule I was working in – only to find he had still not got it. He promised to make enquiries and I hung around, noticing it was too late to take a bus and hope to reach in time. Taking the alternative means but without the object for which the delay had been caused was a painful matter. By the time, he had made some phone calls and as he extended a grim visage after ending them, I feared the worst….. but he had found it and it was on its way.

A few moments later, I had it in my hands and contentedly left for work – the entire quest completed most satisfactorily.

Needless to say, the objective of the sub-quest was read cover to cover that night only… but you might know that already


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