An Evening To Remember: Conclusions (corrected)

This particular post has stretched to a third installment – the second could not be helped but the third is a deliberate action on my part. This was due to the fact that the conclusion I was talking about – throughout the two – came right at the end of a long second post and I thought it would be better in a separate post where one can come to it straight away.

Well that’s the justification and now I come to the conclusion…..

Itonce came up in conversation with a friend and as I thought about it at length, I realised it was most singular. I have been in this city for over ten years now – minus the two small breaks of two and seven months respectively. In this decade, apart from the usual visits to relatives from both sides of the family – and now even that number has come down to one, or best, two – there have only three people of this country’s permanent inhabitants, who have invited me home and that too – one some times through a few months in late 2005- early 2006 (and with a period of bad blood in between) one more gracious one in early 2007.

No, I will not identify them. I am really grateful for what did – despite whatever happend afterwards. There was one who had proper cause too but never did (and I must say I was deeply hurt when I learnt about it) and despite that, I embarked on…. but why dig up old resentments? As I maintain, I did (and do) all that I could (can) and I have no control or inclination even to influence their actions…it is up to them. But let it go, or in (one of) my language, “jaane dijiye”.

On the other hand,   my friends or even I have no compunction in terming them ‘relatives’ have been more generous. I can count at least half a dozen – K.A.K or simply K sahab, Gp Capt. M.A.A., Z.A sahab, Brig. (then) J.S., M.H.T sahab, C.Q.sahab – even S.M. sahab, M.H.B sahab and now, B.A. sahab who invited me to their house in the last six or seven years.

 In fact, I will draw caution to the winds and name them…. Kamran Ali Khan sahab, Gp.Capt Mohd Ashfaque Arain, Ziaullah Abbasi (Zia) sahab, Brig. (later Maj.Gen. but now sadly not in this world) Javed Sultan Khan sahab, Mushtaq Hussain Tirmizi sahab, Syrus Qazi sahab, the High Comm. Shahid Malik,  the then Deputy H.C. Munnawar Hasan Bhatti and now, Babar Amin sahab.

Makes me quite wonder…… And then some ask what draws me to them? I guess these facts may throw some light on the issue.


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