An Evening To Remember II

I was telling you about a most memorable evening – after almost an year and a third – last night (July 23, 2010)  (now night before last now by the time I finish it) and if the account seems to be quite long and detailed – despite my best efforts, it is because I cherish the memory and want to keep it alive in a way by putting into words so it achieves immortality of a sort.

I had originally planned to wrap it in a single post with an account of the past occasions referred to and a rather singular conclusion I came to…. but as it went, it grew too long to be confined in one. Anyway, let pick up the threads from where I left them last night…. if I remember, I was on the lavish repast served to us and more than that the scintillating conversation, with first my host and then the new Brigadier sahab and another gentleman, whose name I did not catch and was not carrying a card too, and then the FS (P), with whom I reminisced about his worthy predecessor and my good friend Z.A. He asked me to visit him too the next I dropped in – to revive the links as he put it and it was a proposal I was quite happy to assent too.

Additionally, there were worthwhile talks with Gp Capt A.J. and Brig. I, with which some future assignations were made

Soon, after the meal, Col S. departed leaving me the sole (technically, I must stress) native at the soiree. And it was nice – it was not the first time such an eventuality has arisen and I am quite comfortable with it.

Then followed a point of merriment as some clicked photos on mobiles and our host fetched his camera to take some more (note: must ask him for copies).

However, to soon it was time to go as one guest’s announcement of leaving set in train aeveryone’s exit – it was getting close to midnight. We took leave of our gracious hosts with profuse thanks for their exemplary hospitality, and there was a pile-up below as we waited for the one whose car was the foremost in the drive-way to leave so the others could. Gp.Capt A.J. kindly offered me a lift and I first declined but then took up the offer. He dropped me near the office and I paid a brief visit there before leaving for home and well-deserved sleep.

In short, this was the most pleasant evening I ever had since well…. I guess it was last week of March 2009 when I was invited by M.H.T. – another good friend- to dinner at his house, a few days after the National Day reception at the HC – but I will come to that in a minute. Let me deal with the dinner. Again it was mostly the same people – save it was Gp Capt S.A. A. in place of A.J. and Capt.J.I. was  accompanied by his successor, Capt. M.S.

This dinner followed the reception where again there were a lot of friends, and I was there till nearly midnight and earned the distinction of being the last ‘guest’ there, chatting with S.A.A. and M.H.T. As I finally left, walking on as I could not find any conveyance, a car soon came up – it was the Brig. sahab (M.I.) who had seen me, reversed at the next crossing, and did so again to come up to me and offer a lift. I accepted and took a lift to near my office – from where it would have been easier to get transportation home.

But the best was the National Day reception of 2007 – one of the last best days before my life underwent a series of major disruptions which are still on – though the intensity has gone down slightly. I will talk about it some time else – it deserves a post to itself.

The conclusion now…..

To be continued…..


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