An Evening To Remember: Conclusions – A Correction

You may surprised to see yet another post on this topic but it is in expiation of a big mistake I made by a most lamentable oversight, while writing the conclusion to my tale. Though I have corrected the error in the post concerned, I feel I should acknowledge my mistake and correct it in an independent post.

I had written that in all my years – well over a decade – in the city, there had been two people of the permanent inhabitants of this country, that had invited me to their homes. I was wrong – the correct figure is three.

As I reached home late last night, I suddenly realised my mistake and cursed myself but at that time and hour, there was nothing I could do to correct it. And I resolved I would utilise the first opportunity to correct my mistake. Though I will not identify these three, I owe it to their generous action to place it on record.  The rest of the facts remain correct.


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