The divinity that shapes our ends…..

I must confess that this post was intially conceived as a lament as the hopes of something earnestly desired (and long waited for) were dashed most summarily. And though I vowed somewhat defiantly that I would accomplish it irrespective through my own efforts, I was not to sanguine about the prospects – it took only an hour in one of the beastly afternoons we have to suffer these days for all some hopes to be realised and a few  of the desires to be fulfilled. The post is thus intended as a celebration of this outcome – well eventually.

But then, I am again starting in the middle of the story. What happened was that I had asked for some books I fervently wanted (whom I asked is not relevant to my story).  I had hopes that I would get some of them at least, even then recognising that to hope for the full list was most impractical.

I must however confess I was not at all prepared for getting none of them and it did cause me some distress….. and then I was told I should forget them and think of worthier things – if there can be anything more worthy than books, I have yet to find it and I have well-founded reservations about the existence of such objects.

However, the point was that I felt a deep anguish that there was now no one – fam – that I could depend o …… well, I will not pursue this line. The outcome is clear and I have drawn the necessary conclusions but it is my stand that even in times of great disappointments, I will refrain from forgetting my manners. I do well know I am being oblique and mysterious but then that is what you can expect from me  most of the time. Most of my life I have a precarious course to follow – to express what I feel but in a most measured manner. It is difficult but I will follow it.

Anyway, let us leave all this and come to the main issue I wanted to describe here. Have a look at the title and you will understand. The issue was that the books I was eagerly waiting for never did…. However, one of the prime ones in my list I had already found in one of my regular haunts here and the only thing that kept me from taking it right there and then was the hope (soon to be dashed) that it would soon be with me.

However, as soon as I learnt the old pattern of my life would be reign paramount, I made haste to go to the old haunt and acquire the latest in the Inspector Montalbano series as well any other that may have struck my fancy.  However, it was not that easy… though I had acquired the means on Wednesday (July 28, 2010) itself (and was also touched when a friend, returning from his holiday in his native land, brought me the work of his country’s most famous writer…. though he misunderstood and brought a title I already had but still the gesture was much appreciated).

As I was wending my way through the ravaged contours of the city centre, desperately trying to while away time, I saw a missed call and rang back… It was a call for assistance and I assured them I would reach in time in the morning. With that I had to make new calculations…. should I go on to my quest right after my assistance mission – since its destination was roughly midway, or return home and then go again, equipped to go to office from there?   You may consider it a meaningless quibble but there are serious issues here given the current weather conditions and preparations to be made therof….

To be continued…


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