“The World’s Worst” from Whose Line Is It Anyway?

The World’s Worst (Someone or Somthing)…. was another of the unforgettable games on Whose Line is It Anyway?

It followed a topic being given in the form of “The World’s Worst (someone/something) and the four performers coming to “The World’s Worst Step” (the lowest step behind the stage) and stepping forward one at a time with examples that fit the topic. Topics could include characters (e.g. the world’s worst doctor), but also other topics (e.g. the worst game show). One topic was chosen per playing, and the performers could step forward in any order, and as often as they wanted.

You’ll understand better with some examples….

Person to be President of the United States

Griff: (American accent) Hi, I’m George Bush.

Richard: Hi, I’m Michael Dukakis.

Paul: (in American accent) I, Lee Harvey Oswald…

Richard: (in Russian accent) Wait a minute, don’t be put off by the funny blemish on my head…

Griff: Hi, hi, I’m Mike Smith, I’m running for president!

Richard: Hi! I’m Earl Jones of Earl Jones Ford! I’ve sold more Fords than anybody in Texas! I could correct our trading balances like that!

Paul: President Bernard Manning ‘ere…

John: (as Matthew Corbett with Sooty) Hello, so here he is, and he’s got.. Sooty, Sooty, don’t touch the boiled egg. No, don’t… don’t touch… No! (wipes his eye) Bye-bye, everybody. Bye-bye.

Richard: (as Sylvester Stallone) Yo, I think I was so successful with the Rambo films, I deserve a chance to lead the country because I look good with muscle oil on.

Griff: (to camera) I’m a bad actor too.

John: (as Griff) Hello, I’m Griff, so if you’re gonna assasinate him you’ve got two of us!

Person to lead soldiers into battle

Sandi: (covers eyes) It’s that way!

Ryan: Who did I give the bullets to?

Tony: (Screams wildly)

Ryan: (looks away) Okay, let’s get ready (looks at camera) you guys look great!

Sandi: Before we go, I thought we would have a quick curry.

Ryan: Remember, just the Germans. No frogs. (sticks tongue out like a frog)

Sandi: It’s not as bad as they say, there are more of them, but we’ve got the gun!

Person to Captain a Submarine

Greg: I hope no-one else has claustrophobia!

Mike: WHERE ARE THEY? WHERE ARE MY GLASSES!? (Mike has his back to his camera and his glasses are on the back of his head!)

Tony: Come on everybody! Don’t get depressed because we’re 8,000 feet under! (sings) We’re in the long bit metal pointy thing…

Sandi: Well it’s not a problem, you just pull down the periscope. You just pull… (tries jumping to reach it but cannot due to her small stature)

Greg: No, I don’t mind that the bunks are so close…

Tony: (shrugs his shoulders) Hello, I’m your new captain, I’m Clive Anderson!

Idea for a Television Programme

Mike: Hi, this week on the Home Surgery Network, we have a fantastic deal, spleens…

Mark: This is Bob Dylan’s Speech Class!

Greg: Hello, and welcome to the Disney Channel’s Snuggles the Loveable Python!

John: (as a boring Englishman) Hello. On the show today, what we’d like to do for an hour is to count all the threads in this rug.

Mike: Hello, PBS is proud to announce Joseph Campbell’s “Chickens in the Age of the Aegean Civilization.”

John: (American accent) Hi, my name’s Tommy and I’m gonna teach you how to talk Cockney. Here’s an example of Cockney. (in a bad Cockney accent) Whatcha mate, gosh isn’t it foggy? (American accent) See you next week!

Mike: Hello, I’m Tommy, and you’re watching Aerobics For The Listless.

Weather reporter

Stephen: It’s pissing down out there.

Tony: Hello, my name’s Michael Fish.

Ryan: (does an Indian chant)

Colin: (pretends to stick his hand out the window)

Tony: Somedays, it will be hot (pants). Somedays it will be cold, brrr. There will be wind. (blows)

Ryan: (acting like a stoner) Word is there’s gonna be some acid rain over the weekend.

Stephen: And if the piece of string moves, it’s going to be very windy.

Ryan: Put your hand out the window. Feel wet? Well, it might be raining then.

Colin: Well, let’s check with the weather snake. It’s cold out there!

Ryan: Things will be heating up over the week. Much like that bitch who took me for everything I had!

Tony: (very high voice) Welcome to the weather forecast on GMTV.

To be continued….


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