“Film and Theatre Styles” from Whose Line Is It Anyway?

“Film & Theatre Styles” or “Film, TV & Theatre Styles” was another unforgettable game on Whose Line Is It Anyway?  Clive Anderson (the host) used to ask the audience for suggestions which could be either broad genres like sci-fi or specific titles such as Star Wars).  Two or three of the performers then begin a given scene normally and thenthe host periodically stopped the scene with a buzzer and chooses an audience-suggested style for the performers to continue the scene in.

Some examples. Hold hard or…

Two guys mending a roof, with Ryan Stiles & Colin Mochrie.

Ryan: (Hammering, drops hammer through roof)

Colin: Oh, well there’s another hole. Okay, we have fifteen holes now.

Ryan: I guess I should get a lighter hammer. Look, Phil, when you asked me over I told you I didn’t know a lot about roofs. You know.

Colin: Well you’re right. Look, look at this. You’ve used salami to try to cover the hole.

Ryan: Well…

Clive: I think we’re there already… Surreal.

Ryan: What’s wrong with salami? (puts hands on face).

Colin: (starts dancing around) Salami is the breath of life.

Ryan: Salami is my world, I live in.

Colin: I am your bread…

Ryan: Yay for salami. Yay for salami. Yay for salami…

Clive: Okay, let’s have Kung Fu.

Ryan: (throws stars at Colin – speaks as if badly dubbed) Hey-get-out-of-there.

Colin: Perhaps-you-think-you-hurt-me.

Ryan: I’m-not-fixing-your-roof-my-friend.

Colin: (starts swinging nunchukas, hits himself in the eye)

Clive: Okay, let’s do… let’s do some Shakespeare.

Ryan: If I were but a salami that I could prepare a roof I would be a luncheon meat like you.

Colin: That dost true. (windmills arms). Now watch me as I cleave the air with my arms as to give my statement more import.

Ryan: Yea, but if I were a man like my woman I would be my wife.

Colin: Aye. I do not mean to prick thy illusions, but if you were a woman thy prick you should not have.

Clive: Okay, let’s finish on a B Movie.

Colin: (slaps wrist)

Both: (start waving arms, swatting at a whole lot of bees)

What a great pun in the end!!!!

Another example….

Two people in a canoe in the Amazon, again with Ryan Stiles & Colin Mochrie.

(suggestions include Simpsons, Power Rangers, Mission Impossible, Grange Hill, Neighbours, Whose Line is it Anyway?)

Colin: Damn pirahna.

Ryan:You know, the hippos are quite fierce here too, I hear. You wouldn’t think of them as a mean animal, but they can rip a man apart.

Colin: What about a woman?

Ryan: Well, a woman can rip a man apart too, but…

Clive: Mission Impossible.

Colin: Play the tape, hear what our mission is again.

Ryan: (as tape) Hello gentlemen. Your job is to head up the river, should you choose BANG!. (as himself) Self-destructed early then. How do we know what we’re supposed to be doing?

Colin: Let’s go over to the bank over there… I have to get some money anyway.

Clive: L.A. Law. L.A. Law.

Colin: Why, this bank machine won’t take my card!

Ryan: Why don’t you try mine, Bob?

Colin: This is mine. You stole it!

Ryan: Sue me.

Colin: I will… sue ya!

Ryan: If you can catch me! (Paddles off)

Clive: Star Trek.

Colin: In fact, I’ll just beam over.

Ryan: (puts hand on Colin’s head, reading his mind) I didn’t know you thought of me that way.

Colin: It has been 7 years. It’s time for my poon farr.

Ryan: There seems to be another canoe coming into our zone.

Colin: My God, it’s a hippo!

Clive: Dinosaur movie.

Ryan: You’re sure those are hippos?

Colin: (does dinosaur impression)

Ryan: My God!

To be continued… soon

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