“Hats” from Whose Line Is It Anyway?

“Hats” was another riot from Whose Line Is It Anyway? The performers were split into pairs and each pair is provided a box of random headgear which they used to enact examples of “The World’s Worst Dating Service Videos” or other subjects such as movie auditions.

A couple of examples…..

World’s Worst Ad Campaign


Greg: (wearing an oversized genie hat) You don’t have to rub the bottle to make me come out!

Ryan: (wearing a ten-gallon hat decorated with a flower) Have you got a head for deals? I know I do.

Colin: (wearing a bright green wig) Do you hate people sneezing on the back of your head when you…?

Steve: (wearing a Noddy hat) (shakes his head to make the bell jingle) Do you sometimes lose your tampons? Then put a… (breaks off laughing)

Ryan: (wearing a pink ladies’ hat) I have nothing to say, I just love this hat!

Colin: (wearing dog-like furry headgear) (panting) WOOF WOOF WOOF! (panting) ARF ARF WOOF! WOOF!

Steve: (wearing Russian commander hat) (in a drunk Russian accent) If you like vodka… (falls off stool)

Ryan: (wearing hat with small balls attached to the sides) Try our new leather shoes. I have the balls, have you?

Greg: (wearing hat with US Flag on it) (as John Major) Hello Americans. I’m Prime Minister of a rather influential European country. I’ll be looking for a job soon!

And the Dating Service Video

Rory: (wearing judges wig) Sorry, I’m a terrible judge of character.

Ryan: (wearing hat stacked with fruit) I have nothing to say, I just like wearing this.

Colin: (wearing sailor hat) I said all hands on deck, leave Dick alone!

Greg: (wearing set of traffic lights) I don’t wanna give you mixed signals.

Caroline: (wearing blue swim cap) I am very keen on safe sex.

Colin: (wearing silver hat with wings) I am make love to you till I’m Thor.

Greg: (wearing beekeepers hat) Hey, Honey. (pauses due to audience laughter) Do you like gentle walks in the garden followed by a frenzied run back into the house?

Ryan: (wearing a ten-gallon hat) If you like her, we’ll brand her!

Colin: (wearing a papal hat) I don’t have much experience…

Josie: (wearing a crown) It’s just that everyone seems so beneath me…

Caroline: (wearing a jockey hat) Hello! Welcome to Pony Club! (giggles) I’d love a new boyfriend, I’d like someone who’s a real stallion!

Ryan: (wearing a beekeepers hat) We promise with our girls, you won’t come down with a case of hives!

Caroline: (wearing a gold cap) (Australian accent) My name’s Kylie Minogue, and if you’d like to date me I could dance and take ya out!

Ryan: (wearing a crown) Into that unusual kinky sort of date? We’ve got someone fit for a king. (Whistles) Here, King!

Colin: (wearing a Santa hat) Want your stocking stuffed?

Josie: (wearing a burlesque-style headgear with feathers) Hi, I’m Cindy! Why not let me tickle yer fancy?

Caroline: (wearing a yellow rain hat) ‘Ello. I’d like a boyfriend who likes to go out in a high gale!

Ryan: (wearing a deerstalker hat) Looking for a younger girl? She’s in elementary school, my dear Watson!

Colin: (wearing a tall bandleaders’ hat) (flails his arms about) And that’s with my hands!

And one of the best….I thinks so

Ryan: (wearing a fortune tellers’ turban and in bad Indian accent) Don’t tell me… You’re looking for someone slim with a big bust. Aren’t we all!?

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