Film and Theatre Styles from Whose Line Is It Anyway II

Some more examples of “Films and Theatre Styles” game from Whose Line Is It Anyway? in which suggestions are gathered from the audience, the performers start a scene suggested by Clive Anderson (the  host) and then throws in the suggestions at various intervals.

Cinderella with Josie Lawrence as Cinderella, while Paul Merton is the Fairy Godmother

Clive: Oscar Wilde

Josie: Oh please, I do so want to go to the ball. Would you like a cup of tea?

Paul: That’s very Oscar Wilde, that is! You can always tell a man by the way he drinks his tea. A man who drinks with the handle facing towards him is necessarily a Liberal. A man who drinks without a cup is obviously mad!

Clive: That was almost as if Oscar was in the room!

Julian Clary is a door-to-door salesman knocking on Paul’s door

Clive: Greek tragedy

Julian: (to Paul) Why? Why haven’t we met before? (gestures to audience) That’s the chorus.

Paul: Because I have only just moved into the area.

Julian: (to Paul) I’ve come to sleep with your mother then kill her. (to audience) In that order.

Paul: I’m afraid I’ve done it already!

Julian: How about your father? Is he around?

Clive: Pirate movie.

Julian: Well if you don’t want my brushes, then…

Paul: Do you fancy a Jolly Roger?

Julian: Yes.

Greg Proops and Mike McShane are fixing a motorbike.

Mike: So, you’ve boarded out so it can move alot faster?

Greg: Yeah, man, it’s totally chared. The bikes all waxed, greese gonna shoot through, BOOM, gone

Mike: It’s totally bitchin’, these handle bars are chromed, everything looks great

Greg: Totally, wanna take a ride?

Clive: (buzzes) Now let’s do that in English

Greg: Where’s that famous pluck?

Clive: Is that rhyming slang?

Colin Mochrie is teaching Ryan Stiles to parachute jump

Ryan: (Opens plane door)

Colin: (moves hair with his hands)

Clive: (buzzes) What’s that?

Colin: Hair. Blowing in the wind

Clive: I remember. Shakespeare

Ryan: The sky, the sky beyond the door is blue

Colin: Aye, it is blue (pauses for a few seconds)

Clive: (buzzes)(speaks while laughing) That was the worst Shakespeare I have ever heard!!

Tony Slattery is being put in prison by jailer, Paul Merton

Clive: Horror.

Tony: What a horrible suit!

Paul: That’s good from someone who’s dressed up like Doc Holiday

Clive: This is just lapsing into personal abuse.

Paul: You shut your face!

Clive: Film Noir.

Paul: Listen Norris (Tony looks at audience and mouths “Norris?!”) Yes, Norris, that’s your name. Bert Norris! Listen, you’re never going to get out of prison. I’m going to turn the light off, look.

Tony: (mimes smoking a cigarette) Yes, it’s interesting how the…

Paul: Hello, where’s the cigerette come from? What’s all this? (mimes cigarette) Excuse me while I get on my moped!

Clive: I think it’s been a long time since you’ve been on this show Paul. Doctor Who

Paul: Alright then (Tony moves to left of stage and Paul follows) Oh, look, it’s Doctor Who

Tony: Have you noticed that this cell is bigger inside than on the outside?

Paul: Yeah, but you can say the same thing about my underpants?

Greg is a gremlin, while Colin is the owner and forgot about keeping Greg away from water

Clive: Do something Scottish, like Braveheart

Greg: (in Scottish accent) Well, you can dry me out, but you’ll ne’er take away me freedom! I’m a Scottish gremlin, so don’t expect me to buy the drinks

Colin: (also in Scottish accent) Och! Dinnae gimmie that rubbish! Ya wee baranie ochie nochie fochie

Greg: Did you call me a wee baranie ochie nochie fochie?

Colin: Aye, and I can say ooch, och, ach

Clive: Okay, good shirt for this, but the accent isn’t very convincing. Australian Soap

Greg: (in Australian accent) You’ve got gob over me, mate

Colin: (Still in Scottish accent) Och aye, I did

Greg: Now you got gob all over yourself

Colin: Och, I hate being doon under

Greg: Dad, I can not… (starts laughing)

Colin: We got ti stop you from being a gremlin, och, och, aye

Clive: Why have the Scots invaded Australia?

And that sadly, is all I have for now

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