“Scenes from a Hat” from Whose Line Is it Anyway

“Scenes From a Hat” was another very funny game from Whose Line Is It Anyway? The studio audience was asked to submit written suggestions which are placed in a hat, from which the host then drew and announced and any of the four performers, who stand off-stage, could enter and develop that scene. In the British version, only one response would be given for each suggestion, while in the American allowed multiple responses from the same or different performers until the host decided to move on. In early British episodes, audience suggestions were mainly places, or situations (e.g.: “naming a baby”)  and usually took the time to build up to the joke, while the US version often consisted of one-liners.

However, as earlier, you will understand better with some examples. One more thing, you will notice the participants’ are only identified by their given names… this is because by this time you should also be on first name basis with them.

Clive: Practical joking international share dealers.
Steve: So, that’s a deal then? Steve & Tony approach each other as to shake hands, but instead put hands to nose & wave fingers) Haha!

And a classic……

Clive: Life’s big disappointments.
Steve: Oh, so you’re Tony Slattery!
Clive: Ah, he’s no more disappointing in real life than he is on the telly!
Tony: Shut up…

Clive: Faux pas at a Christening. Or faus pars.
Tony: I name this child Satan. Stan! Stan!

Clive: Monsters that aren’t scary.
Ryan: (campy) Grrrrr. Grrrrr! Grrrrr.

Clive: Buying a sandcastle
Ryan: Nice work there.
Greg: Sod off!
Ryan: I am willing to give you two hundred pounds for that.
Greg: Really?!
Ryan: Oh, wave, £50. £25. £10.
Greg: It’s yours.
Paul: Compulsory purchase order. We’re building a new dual carriageway along here.
Greg & Ryan: Oh!

Clive: A pecking order for fruit (Everyone looks confused then Tony steps onto the stage)
Tony: Me first!?

Clive: Fortune Cookies that tell the truth
Greg: You’re a cheap bastard and you won’t leave a tip… Hey!!

Clive: Worrying things to be given on a plane
Tony: Hello
Stephen: Hello
Tony: Here’s the engine
Stephen: Thank you… what?

Clive: There’s no such thing as a free lunch
Tony: (To Jim) That’ll… (cracking up) That’ll be two pounds fifty please.
Clive: Tony eats at The Ivy, obviously.

Clive: 24 hours from Tulsa
Chip: How long until we hit Tulsa?
Tony: I don’t know

Clive: Invites you would never accept
Tony: (wearing big, green jacket) Would you like my jacket?

Clive: The biggest jerk in the world
Josie: Tony?

Clive: Rejected Proverbs
Tony: Let the old man who never does, yes.
Greg: Cheese is found where you least suspect it.
Ryan: My groin is sore!
Tony: Always let the wardrobe mistress choose your clothes! 

Clive: Sea Shanties that never caught on
Greg, Ryan, Tony & Chip: (singing) Ohhhh myyyyy…
Tony: (sings) …my panties are in the war
Greg: (sings) The land is better than the water

Clive: The four horseman of the apocolypse
(Josie, Colin and Greg walk onto the stage)
Greg: Sorry, Pestilence couldn’t make it, I’m nervousness

Clive: What you didn’t expect to find in a Kangaroo’s pouch
Tony: Lord Lucan!!

Clive: A kissogram with bad news
Mike: Ding-dong
Steve: Hello?
Mike (sings) She’s left you, she’s left you, she’s never coming back again, she’s left you (kisses Steve)

Clive: Elephants packing to go on holiday… packing their trunks I suppose…
Paul: (sad) Oh!
Josie: Oh!
Clive: Oh, sorry, I joined in there. I’m not allowed to do that!

Clive: A Weight Watchers party
Paul: (to Josie) No luck then?
Josie: (under audience applause) I’m gonna fucking kill you!

Clive: Two men in a hot tub realising… then the handwriting goes wabbliy after that. Two men realising something
(Ryan and Chip sits on the World’s Worst step)
Ryan: I’ve just realised something. We’re both men
Chip: Yeah

And ending with these two classics with Clive on the firing line

Clive: The worst job in the world
Mike: I’m here to buff Clive’s head

Clive: (reads slowly) Yes, the last two hairs on Clive Anderson’s head
Greg: Sure is lonely up here
Ryan: Sure is
Clive: Well, thank you for the two, it’s really just one

And that is all…..


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