A chain of unfortunate instances…..

There are times when I despair of myself. These two days, Monday the 20 of September and Tuesday, the 21st were cases in point and as I complete this post on Thursday, the 23rd of September, I wonder if it and the preceding Wednesday should also not figure in this sordid tale.

It was Monday when I made it a point to rise early – well quite earlier then I usually do, after the midnight return to home, the quotidian ceremony and then reading till the small hours before falling asleep – and leave home so I could spend some time on the internet and reach my destination (a bookshop obviously) in time. They have the infuriating habit of closing for lunch between 1400 and 1500 hours and it is extremely inconvinient for me since I have to be in office by 1500 hours or so. While some leeway is okay, but it cannot be stretched too much. And then there is the problem of the journey. For a few days, I was hamstrung when I somehow got late in dressing and leaving and missed the bus from my residential area which dropped quite close to the market housing the shop until I hit on a rather nifty solution….. but why am I digressing again?

Anyway, this Monday, all went well and I was on my way in time reaching the spot where the bus dropped in while in time to undertake the brief walk to the market allowing me a blissful full hour of peaceful browsing….

And it was then that trouble raised its ignoble head. First of all, there was nothing I saw which had that “certain effect” on me that I wanted to buy it without any question. Long years have proved that my judgement in buying books is rarely wrong. Picking up a book, I get an instinctive feel of how it is and how much I am going to enjoy it. I didn’t get that feeling with many books I saw then until I saw one I wanted… it was the sequel  to an adventure Commando style story I had read and enjoyed some time back, despite some gratuitous violence thrown in. However, it had left several plot threads hanging and I was quite keen to get the second installment as soon as possible. However, there was a slight problem…. the price. This was three times than the first one and I, not justificably, hesitated.

Then I had the bright idea of checking for the book with my regular supplier, hoping that since it was published by a leading publisher, he would either have it or arrange for it. This was the first…..

After this, I pottered around for some more time but my heart was not in it somehow and I left empty-handed, which is quite a rare occurrence for me.

However, I went to my supplier in the city centre and as I was fearing, he did not have it and some preliminary enquiries proved discouraging. As I resigned myself to wait for Tuesday, I did have a stroke of luck – two books I had asked him to get for me were ready. One was a fresh, unblemished copy of a book I had been eying for long and finally decided to get, and the other a copy of a book I had seen in the other place but left back twice and then it disappeared. I took recourse to my supplier and he promised to arrange it. For something nothing happend and I castigated myself for leaving it in the first place….. but eventually the tale had an happy end. Well not quite….

I had enough liquid funds for only one of them…. So I was perforce  constrained to leave the second book yet again for the next day.  Also there was another book I wanted but I had forgotten the exact name and author, so I told my reliable supplier that I would call him and let him know the details so that he could order it. I reached office and forgot.

That was the first instance…..

The next day, I was in two minds of what to do…. go to K Market for the sequel or back to city centre for the book I had now overlooked thrice. Hmmm, decisions…..

To be continued…..

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