A chain of unfortunate instances…..II

I had begun to talk in my usual rambling and cryptic way about a chain of unfortunate instances that befell me earlier this week. I had originally pegged them as happening on Monday and Tuesday (Sep 20 and 21) but they lasted till Friday (and might cast their shade on the coming week too) . For those few who know me very well (and the number keeps getting fewer), they would have immediately divined these instances would relate to books. They are correct.

In a nutshell, the issue was that I found a book I wanted in one of the bookshops I frequent but was slightly discouraged at its price being the thrice of the original. Despite being firm on acquiring it, I thought I should make an attempt to find it at another supplier from where I could get a rebate – though slight misgivings. But  you can read all about this in the first post and I dont’t want to repeat it here.

I will move on to Tuesday, the 21st of September. This day, I went straight to the city centre on track of the book I had left thrice by now and then I realised that I had again forgotten the name of another book I had come across and found most alluring. On Monday, I had tild my supplier I would phone him from office and let him known the name, which was on my mail but very easily forgot all about it. Anyway, these things happen….

However, Tuesday I smartly sauntered to my bookseller and right on the displayed books, I came across a book which had The Effect on me. It also dealt with Rumi, like the book I had skipped thrice. There was no way I was going to skip it and also because it was a foreign print unlike the other book which I found was an Indian edition and hence it could be easily traced.

However, later, I made it a point to find out the name of the other book and tell it to him on the phone, as well as requesting speeding up efforts for the other book which I had left in the other place. (I realise this will be getting confusing for you but bear on).

Now for a brief but necessary digression….. I had begun writing this account on Tuesday, Sep 21 itself, but then as I found out the chain of these instances bagan to spread out further. Wed, Sep 22, was my off day and I had a lot of things to do – a lunch meeting and then another meeting in the late evening. I had initially planned to schedule my visit to Delhi-6 to the earlier part of the day before my lunch time appointment and then spend the time in the city centre before proceeding to my next appointment after which I would peacefully head home….. That is what I thought.

The reality turned out to be different as I picked up the morning to display my unique skills in sloth. In fact, I was so late in setting out that leave the trip to the old city, it was only due to the Metro’s graces – crowded as it was – that I succeeded in reaching my lunchtime appointment in time. And it was good as it again turned out to be lucrative. And then, I set out for the old city, manging to do these quite conviniently on a convinient bus and unlike the last time, there was no civil fracas that could have put a hurdle. There had been an event but it was at least three days ago.

I reached the Maktaba and began browsing. After a while, I realised trouble had entered the matrix…

To be continued….

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