Life’s little ironies

No, this is not about the collection of short stories by Thomas Hardy. It is some observations on, with a couple of examples, of the sometimes strange and inexplicable situations we face due to the curiously, meandering paths our lives take.

These paths may sometimes be a consequence of the choices we make but there are many times when we find ourselves in a situation that – well in the words of Mr Bruff, the solicitor: “It not only defies explanation, it’s even beyond conjecture.” Well this will serve as the preliminary, allowing me to refrain what people cite as my habit of beating around the bush and come to the point of this post – A state of affairs that seems unparalleled (at least to me) and I have yet to find it happening to anyone elsewhere – slight parallels may be drawn with Coriolanus (Gaius Marcius) and Camillus (Marcus Furius) but only slight. (For those finding these names unfamiliar, I recommend Livy and Plutarch….. for those slightly cerebral, check out Shakespeare for the first).  

Well, coming back to the topic, it happened last Thursday when I was called for a meeting at a certain diplomatic establishment. Despite slight misgivings and a major misfortune (though suitably dealt with and aptly camouflaged) as I walked to the venue – slightly late over the noontime appointment), the meetings (they turned out to be two, instead of the expected one) went in a whirl and it was 15 minutes to 1500 hours when I walked out with no idea where more than two hours had gone. The previous day, Wednesday the Sep 22, 2010, I had a long and fruitful lunch meeting with the representative of a major regional power.

Mulling over these meetings in the course of two days, I suddenly realised these were not only the longest meetings I had held with friends for a considerable period of time – say the closing days of October of the splendidly treacherous year 2009 when I had met a close friend for the last time before their life saw a major change – but some of the only ones since then. Coincidentally, all three of my interlocutors – my friends – happened to be of different nationalities including of a nation having hot-and-cold ties with the country I happen to find myself in presently.

I had written about a related facet on: and related posts.

What do these happenings presage? Well to me, they indicate some inescapable conclusions that I hesitate to say… for they may sound unpalatable to many including the few that could have done something (and still can) to change these outcomes but haven’t even the inclination. I wanted to be more specific but my habitual inclination to veiled statements and obscurity is too strong. Maybe some day soon…..


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