An year of Vahshat-e-Dil

Today, October 7, 2010, marks the first anniversary of this blog. Though I had set it up at September 18 last year, after this terrific name from the refrain  – Ai gam-e-dil kya karun ai vahshat-e-dil kya karun – of a celebrated nazm of Majaz Lakhnavi occurred to me, it was October 7 before I put the first post – Shakeel Badayuni‘s celebrated paean to Lucknow, as seen in the renowned film Chaudhvin ka Chand.  

Intended to be a platform to share Urdu poetry and my love of reading, it has far expanded these goals and grown to touch several other topics as well. The venture has been mostly a rewarding and satisfying journey so far, though there have been times when I have scrambled to finish a post despite other pressing preoccupations or lack of time and have been distraught (and still am) when these constraints have prevented me from writing all I wanted (even now there are several series left midway and I have around 45 drafts waiting for me to return to them and finish. I had hoped to reach a target of 500 in the year but as I said, there were serious constraints of time and attention they militated against the achievement of this goal.

But the main value of this blog has been it has allowed me to forget the absence of other company and allowed to me share my thoughts, my likes, whatever I wanted with a larger audience – I thank the 6,300 viewers who have visited the blog so far and I hope they enjoyed it, came across something new, some found something they had looking for sometime or otherwise gained food of thought (a rare diet that not everyone is accustomed to and a few can digest). I also had the privilege of distinguished advice, not the least from The Ustaad.

Here to mark this anniversary, I will want to share with you a number of posts – 13 (my lucky number seems appropriate) from the first 400 odd postswith you. These may not the best but I think they are fairly representative and I hope . Let me take you through them.

This is the first major post and it deals with the Majaz nazm I cited above and I how I lived it one long autum evening.

This is on one of my first-ever heard ghazals and the links it had with significant – the most significant – phase of my life.

Another about my forst forays in track of Urdu poetry in search of a great master of verse, and how I made the acquaintance of one of a most admirable man I am proud to call my friend.

On a mostly-forgotten Urdu literateur whose influence stretches to our day

Examples from a most memorable series it has been my pleasure to read

About an old, quite atmospheric horror film and as scene which has always lingered in my memory

Well the title says it all. For the rest, read it

Again has to be read to be enjoyed and descriptions are not enough

A romantic geet brought to you in a way attempting to recreate the atmosphere of a mushaira.

Some shocks I have suffered.

How language can entrance and captivate even on a mainstream TV show.

As the title says…

Again the title is quite illustrative. For the rest, you will have to read the post.

Happy reading!


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