A sheaf of recollections….IV

This post has been unfortunately delayed….. and I must admit that despite the usual reasons – the lack of time, the pressure of work, due attention to a project of strategic import and so on – do apply but more than it was that the fourth recollection was yet to be finalised.

When I visualised the post, the first three memories and the last two were easy to select with the last one only occurring a couple of weeks ago but there was a great difficulty in selecting the fourth in the list. It wasn’t that there was no such memory, it was that there were too many of them.

Starting chronologically from my school days, would it be any of those times we inveigled our way out of school? The time in an inter-collegiate festival ate another school’s props during the drama event? The time when I set police on a group of preening group from another school? The time when I saw a policeman do what seemed to be an inspired rendition of the “Macrena” (it was the craze at those times) or briefly did it myself?

The time when I tended to myself in a fever and cured myself too speedily (with some unfortunate consequences as became apparent later) The time when I earned an unfortunate epithet from a student of a prominent college following a brief act due to a moment of mischievious high jinks? Or the occasion I managed to get some official work done in a jiffy from the same place by taking on a new persona and job?

Can it be the time when I again impersonated a policeman to scare some noisy children at a relative’s marriage? And the disgraceful happenings in the guesthouse later that night (my lips are sealed since the main man in the case is a powerful legislator in the present ruling dispensation).

Would it be the time I was besieged by anxious ticket-seekers early one dark winter morning at the New Delhi Railway Station, or the time when I – on an important journey – was cosseted by various railway officials and undertook the journey I was most apprehensive of without hardly any tension and totally free, or the instance when I roamed at pleasure outside a high security zone while other seniors with more impeccable credentials were kept away and was saluted by policemen to bargain?

Was it that time I met someone formally for the first ever time and I could not even drink water for the fear my trembling hand would spill it?

Should it be the time when I bluffed my way past high security into meeting a visiting head of state? Or the time when on my first major assignment, saw an US woman air force aviator being reduced to a fit of giggles by my colleague trying to impress her by his “perceptive question?”

The time when I and my colleagues stopped the then defence minister from falling into the sea, or on the first stage of our return transformed a journey back to the airport into a veritable orgy (and that too, on a schoolbus)?

Or to come to the more prosaic, when I fell asleep in class though seated next to a professor or in work, next to a senior man dictating a story? The time when we….. there is a whole raft of such instances I quote to you but the purpose I outlined is certainly not met.

So the last few paragraphs should be enough to show you the difficulty I am facing in sifting through a veritable phlanx of memories to select one enduring memory, no matter how insignificant it appears? However, the effort continues and I will share it with you soon.

To be continued…


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