Yet another nostalgic day…. and a unique sales spiel

There are few times in life when every day brings something new, though it may be old. It is no paradox I speak of…what I refer to is old friends, old memories and the like. I have had my share (though gladly welcomed) of these. I wrote a long post about it yesterday but today, there was a new spell of the same and I owe it to posterity to commit it to a more permanent medium then the memory.

I had told you about a sudden phone call late in the night of a most nostalgic day, which led to a meeting with two of my old school and college friends – The Gharial and The Lampat (or Vikalp Srivastava and Venkatesh Agarwal). As we met and relived the past, we had also made plans for a further assignation the next day (November 4, 2010) and much earlier than the time we were meeting then.

However, most of the day, was busy – shopping in the morning with Mom and Dad, and the we went to the Golf Club. Having snacked there and shared a few bottles with my father, we returned home and dropped my father, who announced his intention of a nap, while after some time, I and my mother left again for a further spell of work. It was while we were going towards the last chore left that I got a text from Venkat, fixing up the time and giving a choice of venues. I called him back and learnt Vikalp wouldn’t come but we decided to go ahead anyway and fixed the place to meet….. He gave a couple of options but they were fraught with risks given the evening-hour traffic and we agreed to meet at the same place as last night.

I did get slightly delayed and so did he…. but we eventually met. He had brought the stuff that cheers and just making a diversion to get some food for home, and a few necessary appurtenances, we drove to the point….. outside the main gate of a school that was behind our old alma mater (for reasons of propriety and operational security, I cannot be  more specific) and chatted as we killed a bottle of dear little water (see italics above). Then we got the idea to meet more and called up Khalid Altaaf. After sparring and Venkat threatening him to come and meet someone who would blow the whistle….umm that doesn’t sound to be a right idiomatic translation of the Hindustani “jo aapki seeti baja dega”. Khalid contended this and I took the phone and repeated the “threat” but he immediately recognised me.

We learnt he was leaving office and we asked him to join us…. he agreed to meet us in the main market area within the next half-an hour, quite near a hangout we used to frequent in the evenings….

I and Venkat reached there ….. I managed to do another piece of pending work and as we strolled towards the RV, we felt we were too exposed as there was the risk of someone who knew our families coming on us suddenly and we moved quite ahead towards the entrance of the market as we chewed the fat and waited for Khalid….

But before that, we decided to indulge in a roadside snack…. we were going towards the sev seller (please do not expect me to translate) but decided to extend our patronage to the chana jor garam man (see last italics)….

This chana jor garam man was an old fixture of the place…. at least I have been seeing him for years and everytime, we would pass he would abandon others and beseech my father to buy something….. My father rarely refused.

What a sale spiel he made….. he told us:

To be continued…


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