The 35th Brigade Day

This was to have come much earlier…. but batter late then never. I observed my 35th Brigade Day… alone as usual, save the few who called up to extend their wishes.

Taking a leave from the last two years, I resolved it would be best to celebrate it on my own, and not depend on others to show up… for one, it would have meant extending invitations and be met with evasions or broken committments…well, I have had a lot of that in the last two years and am not anxious to replicate these “joys”.

The programme started late last night, though it was past midniight before I got home… I will not dwell why, though it was the same thing of different yardsticks. Opening the stuff that cheers and toasting myself, I never knew where the hours went by or when and how I got to sleep.

When I woke and got a couple of calls, I had a look outside and the weather was very conducive – dark clouds and the prospect of rain. It did start to pour, but then stopped and I was able to eventually leave and start the first part of my programme…. selecting some books. This pleasurable work was soon done, and then it was that day of the week – The Tuna Day and I did stock up. Then to another part of the city and some more books, though this was just the selection phase. Then came lunch, which was risotto, and grilled fish, washed down with two glasses of good red wine.

Then it was time to pick up an important supply and after I did, I got a phone call which was slightly unexpected but welcome nevertheless. This lasted the walk to the other place for getting something necessary, and then it was back to pick the books and head to office.

Quite late at work, I got  another call I was anticipating…. and it was much welcome. And the best was everyone at work being oblivious of the fact…

Well there are some more aspects but you can expect a more detailed version tomorrow….. I think so.


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