Whimsical Post #17: On Illness

I don’t like being ill…… it makes me sick.

Being one of those few, I think, whose bodies seem to be akin to machinery, insofar endurance is concerned…. or to give you a more understandable and visual metaphor, those built on the lines of a large lorry and sharing this admirable vehicle’s calm and phlegmatic outlook on life, any disruption to trouble-free running is matter of concern.

Particularly, when it happens to be those damned colds which cause a most distressing heaviness, and the medication prescribed you enables to understand the exact meaning of the quaint phrase, “doped to the gills”.

It may also leads to hallucinations and cause me to speak strangely (more strangely then I sometimes do), and remember various strange things (well definitely much more strange then you can imagine….. for example, today, Nov 15, 2010, I remembered the exact quotes of a public service advertisment I had seen some 20 years ago, which has marked by extremely hammy acting and ludicrous accents… and be warned that I will soon inflict on you).

Well, the best indication you may get of the strange humours that I display during this time is that of this post itself…. In the few moments of lucidity that come in the medication-induced daze I find myself in, I can see no logic or reason whatsoever in this post I am writing….. save to make some point, whose point has even escaped me at this point in time, in a particularly heavy-handed manner….. But (this is one of those lucid moments, I hope), don’t I do that most of the time?


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