The 35th Bde Day, Faiz’s nazm and some resolutions II

Well, I was writing about the Bde Day this year, the 35th, and how it was again influenced by a Faiz nazm like last year. I also mentioned about some resolutions, but neither these, nor the nazm had yet made an appearance yet, and I was regaling you with what I did. And I will continue to do so for some more time, and crave your indulgence.

I had got to the point where I was sitting to a sumptuous lunch I had decided to treat myself too… as I say, the best meals comprise just two people (and that was what has happening…) – me and a damn good headwaiter.

I began with some risotto, and followed it by some grilled fish and chips, the whole repast washed down by two glasses of rather good Cabernet Sauvignon, with a distinct bouquet of red cherries. but it was finally over,  and I left to finish the remaining work. And as I picked up supplies from one place, I heard my phone ring…. and the less-heard tune suggesting it was a special call. It was indeed… from someone I hadn’t quite expected, but was none the less welcome for it. It lasted till I reached the other place I had to pick something up from – a vintage bakery, whose staff still bemoan the sudden curtailment of my frequent visits. The establishment, and its products, are inextricably bound with certain high ( or for that matter, low) points of the past eight years or so, and there was no way I was going to drop a visit to it, that day day of all days. So I went….

And after that, there just remained the matter of picking up some of the books I had asked to be sequestered and then back to office… and like Tommy Tucker, sing for my supper (well the work we do cannot be termed singing – which I am not too good at entirely…. but let me not descend into semantics and digress… it is just enough for you to appreciate the sentiments I seek to express).

The remaining books having been picked up… there just remained to whistle up a conveyance (Damn! too many musical metaphors creeping up) and off and away. Well, it wasn’t that simple. It involved some wait for the actual conveyance, which I passed chatting with the traffic policeman on duty (after having impressed him with knowledge of places, when a lost motorist pulled up in front of us, to anxiously seek directions – to a place not even 100 metres down the road). Anyway, then came the conveyance, and it was time to finish all this pleasant period and go to work….

I reached office an hour beyond the scheduled time (but no problem due to prior intimation of the delay)  and settled down to work. As I logged on, I found there were scores of greetings – including some from quite unexpected quarters, of which some were for the first time in years, but welcome for all that. A few more arrived in the course of the day, a couple as text messages and the best were the three more calls – including one from a namesake, and one eagerly awaited from overseas (I must confess I had no doubt that this one would call). For the sake of completeness, I will mention that the third call was from Отец.    

This went on all the whole evening, but the best was there was no clue about anything in my workplace – including from….. but lets leave that out. Every one has their preoccupations and predilections, and if there is no interest, well then it is certainly not my concern… at this point of time. Later, well, who knows what the future brings.

The rest of the day was markedly uneventful, and then it was time to go home – again well after midnight but I, undeterred, carried out with the closing programme before taking a good book and reading on till finally overcome by sleep….

Well, that was how I spent the day – quite better than last year and even the year before last, when time constraints played havoc. Well with the events and the positives done, lets come to the conclusions.

To be continued…..

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