The 35th Bde Day, Faiz’s nazm and some resolutions III

I was writing about Bde Day of this year, what I did on the day and what I thought. And now as I come to the last post, it is the last – the conclusions I drew out – which I will put out, though quite circumspectly and mysteriously as is my usual habit, and I can’t abandon it as this age in life.  The usual phrase about the leopard changing his shorts, as you will understand…..

Over the next two, three …. even four days, I continued to receive some more greetings, but it was most unseemly but then they tapered off. Almost all of these were over the internet, but here was someone called me two days hence to express apologies – at a time I was suffering from a bad cold. My muffled responses were taken for high dudgeon and the conversation was soon ended with a vague promise to talk later – which as expected, has still failed to materialise.

Some eagerly awaited calls or messages and I can count three people I did hope would remember – even belatedly, as has been the habit of two of them – never did materialise, as of today, (Nov 18, 2010 – five days hence). Apart from these, there is one more who did not remember, or did but choose not to express it despite asking me a year or so ago to reveal the date, and two more or so, from whom I entertained some half-hearted hopes but to no avail.

And the worst is that I have been unfailing in my attempts to extend the same courtesy to them on their own days, so it may be concluded, or the preponderance of evidence would seem to suggest, that they do not care for even maintaining symmetry…. Unfortunate, but what can I do? (Or applying Vikas’ Razor – my infallible logical guide to solving conundrums – what do I want  to do? If the answer to either of these questions is in the negative, closure is automatically signified).

However, until now, my stand was to apply the moral argument, or keeping myself a notch above such people, by scruplously keeping to my part of the bargain and observing the necessary niceties even if they didn’t, either to forgetness or disinclination (well, even the first could construed as an indication of the importance they assigned it). And this was not entirely born out of altrusim, there was a vested interest in it… there was a policy, which I am not going to be stupid enough to disclose publicly….

Returning to the point, the options in front of me are three – and each has its pros and cons. Continuing what I have always done is morally correct, and the decent thing to do, but the world has a habit of treating these virtues as weakness and it is the last thing that should be displayed.

The second option is take decisive action instantly, but again this would not help in assauging the sense of hurt – which to my supremely Scorpionic soul – is most vital, as well as taking reprisal action, which is also quite important. The third is a variation of the second, but more intricate and rooted in the finest traditions of irregular and psychological warfare, and is more to my liking.

But lets see what happens….. maybe something will suggest itself soon, and a way to remind quite a few people that it is not wise to mock will be devised.

On the whole, it is certainly an indictment of policy that such a situation has been allowed to be created. I do admit that I committed some marked faults – ignoring signals and intelligence, a misplaced clemency (which also did in JC – so I am in esteemed company anyway), and emphasis on allying with some who proved to be most unworthy. However, on my side, I can take solace in the fact that I did function to my code and honour.

But, as as early 18th century English poet said, and even had carved as his epitabh:

Life is a jest; and all things show it.
I thought so once; and now I know it.

Happy are those who realise it well in time… and I do count myself among these.

What now remains is to present the Faiz nazm that was the flavour of this Bde Day… my favourite since I heard it in the dulcet tones of the Mallika-e-Tarannum herself, and more so, when I saw it picturised on the lovely Shamin Ara….. here it is

Main ne samjha tha ki tu hai to darakhshan hai hayat
Tera gam hai to gam-e-dahar ka jhagda kya hai
Teri soorat se hai aalam mein bahaaron ko sabaat
Teri aankhon ke siva duniya mein rakha kya hai
Tu jo mil jaaye to taqdeer nigun ho jaaye
Yun na tha main ne faqat chaaha tha yun ho jaaye
Aur bhi dukh hai zamaane mein mohabbat ke siva
Raahatein aur bhi hain vasl ki raahat ke siva
Laut jaati hai udhar ko bhi nazar kya kije
Ab bhi dilkash hai tera husn magar kya kije
Aur bhi dukh hai zamaane mein mohabbat ke siva
Raahatein aur bhi hain vasl ki raahat ke siva

Mujh se pahli si mohabbat meri mehboob na maang

And please do not misunderstand me, it is not addressed to anyone specific as a superficial reading could suggest to you. It is sung to Life itself…. that period of heartbreak which quite thankfully ends eventually.


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