Distinguishing characteristics of Vahshat-e-Dil II

I pride myself on my humility, and can easily refute the allegations of megalomania that certain misguided and insignifican….oops, I meant ill-advised individuals have raised in an attempt to tarnish my divinity. However, I will only say that too such perfidious outpourings, my ears are sublimely shut.

On the occasion of the 500th post here – a milestone I had reached yesterday, Friday, the Nov 19, 2010 – I had hit on the happy expedient of cataloguing the ways I am distinguished from the common press of mankind. I had resolved to list the 26 qualities I had determined but with the pressure of time, to avoid making the post interminably long, and above all, to prevent you, gentle reader, with being overawed and overwhelmed, I had stopped at four. 

These were A gift for languages, Simultaneous translation capability, Orientation skills and Reading. You can read more on them here: https://vahshatedil.wordpress.com/2010/11/19/the-500th-distinguishing-chracteristics-of-vahshat-e-dil/

I will continue, from the fifth, onwards…..

# Knowledge and learning, and masses of it, but again flowing from the last mentioned attribute. And it is the best kind of knowledge, the one pursued for its own sake, inspired from that immortal line of that astute Greek hero, in Tennyson’s poem:

And this gray spirit yearning in desire,
To follow knowledge like a sinking star,
Beyond the utmost bound of human thought.

And I have spent four decades in this venture, learning deeply about whatever took my fancy, or I decided I should know about, in the manner of a Renaissance polymath, or those famous medieval philosophers  bearing the surname “Magnus”, and I will dedicate all the time I have left in this mortal plane to the same purpose.

A prodigous memory, is again a feature which has enabled the above attribute to be fulfilled. I cannot forget names, though I may get a little confused about faces. This power of recall is a boon sometime enabling you to remember happy or unforgettable events from earlier life, but on the flip side, the not-so-happy moments too, but then that is the price that has to be paid. 

# Adept at finding historical and literary parallels, this is again due to the extensive reading and long memory I mentioned above. The rest is obvious, quite very obvious.

# Cogntive dissonance, (high level of), is again an attribute of a very few, who have acquired so much information, much which they find contradictory and often spills over into their lives. For example, this exhibits itself in the hedonistic and sybaratic, and sometimes the asetic and stoic lifestyle I can exhibit. In another, it can account for the “toff” and the “rugged” personas I can be seen in….

# Friendship with geopolitical rivals, also stems from the above. Operational reasons preclude me from saying more on the subject.

# Unique friendships, is yet again another feature I claim as my special. in simpler terms, and in current circumstances, it means that I have more friends from other nations than from those holding the citizenship of the country where I am currently. I don’t think many can even conceive this, let alone aspire to it.

# Nicknames, the habit of bestowing, is one aspect I cannot directly claim, but have to admit is genetical heritage. In my case, I owe it to my father, who is well known among his relations and friends for it. I can just testify to it when at a marriage ceremony of the son of an old friend of my father, where I had accompanied him, someone came to him and introduced himself as an old schoolmate, by not only his name, but the name he said my father had given him. I have done my bit, in carrying forward the family tradition. 

# Living out poems, is another unique trait I can lay claim too… Not only living out Tennyson’s Ulyssess (as I mentioned above), I can justly my reliving the same poet’s epic account of misplaced valour, (come on, you should know it…. ), or for that matter, Robert Browning’s How they Brought the Good News from Ghent to Aix, which I enacted one breathless summer evening a long time ago, or changing genres and language, to Majaz’s Awaara, sometime last ago (How I did this was one of the first posts of mine here) ….

# A spiffy title, this currently happens to be “IS” which was bestowed on me by The Ustaad. It is a great honour, considering the acronym (which I have cited here lots of time, but never expanded) stands for the “Intellectual Snob”. Well, this was the best place to explain it.

By the way, with this I have come to the halfway mark of my distinguishing traits, and I find it advisable to stop here…. overwhelming, remember?

To be continued…


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