Distinguishing characters of Vahshat-e-Dil: The reason for the gap

I can imagine that many of you might be waiting for the next installment of the ‘Distinguishing characteristics of Vahshat-e-Dil’, in which I discoursed on the many ways that I differ from the common press of humanity I find myself in – for better or worse. (The clarification becomes all the more important unless I want to include humility and modesty among my defining characteristics, which are already so many….. ) 

However, the point is that I promised to acquaint you with 26 characteristics, but have’nt followed up after identifying the initial 13, which you can read here (should you be interested)…. 


(Meanwhile, for those who are curious about these numbers, I can only say that that they have a certain esoteric significance which I cannot explain to you here….but I digress).

 As I was saying, I am yet to give the other 13, and it is not because that I have run out of ideas, but that the list came to commemorate a major milestone in this venture – the 500th post. And what could have been a better topic then a dispassionate account of my abilities. The second part will follow on the next milestone, though I do not intend to test the patience of my admirers by making them wait for the 100oth post…. hmm, maybe the 600th.


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